Beer 278/365 – Rivertowne Shepherds Crook Scottish Ale

Rivertowne Shepherds Crook Scottish Ale

Style: Scotch Ale

ABV: 5.1%

Purchased at: Rivertowne Pourhouse – Pittsburgh, PA

What makes this beer different: Very sweet and roasty, but still drinkable.

Will I be drinking this again: If they bottled it maybe

Grade: A-

8/13/2010: Sorry for the poor photo quality, but my cell phone camera is not exactly state of the art. Rivertowne Pourhouse is a pretty well kept secret even to a lot of casual craft beer drinkers in the Pittsburgh area. In the past they did not bottle any of their beer until they joined forces with North County Brewing out of Slippery Rock PA to create “Full Pint Brewing.” Not really sure at this point which of their beers they will be bottling, but very cool to see more craft beer activity out of my hometown.

Shepherd’s Crook has little to no smell at all, very odd. The flavor is mildly smokey and roasty with lots of caramel malt. This is one of the heavier beers I have had in the 5.1% ABV range, but it works for the style. I’m actually surprised I haven’t drank more Scotch Ales out of my 278 beers so far, as it is one of my favorite styles. I think its because not a lot of american craft brewers make year round Scotch Ales. Always I was really impressed with this beer, actually ended up having two more pints of it by the end of the night. If you are in the Pittsburgh area for any reason, be sure to stop by Rivertowne.

Picture of the day: The Melting Pot.

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