Beer 136/365 – Sapporo Royce Chocolat Brewery

Style: Not really sure ??

ABV: 5.0%

Purchased at: Daniel

What makes this beer different: Tons of chocolate, its almost not even beer

Will I be drinking this again: negative

Grade: B-

3/24/2010: So I am a bit nervous to try this one as Chuwy and Dan are both telling its not at that great. I do love a good chocolate beer so I have a feeling I might like this a bit more than they do but who knows.

The smell is TONS of chocolate.. You can tell they didnt hold back the cocoa on this. The first sip was REALLY ashy/metallic. Not sure if the can had anything to do with this but it didn’t sit right with me. That taste faded and after that it was almost all chocolate. I should say I LOVE chocolate but even for me it was a little much. I get some maltyness but its hard to find it behind all the chocolate. Overall it wasn’t put together terribly bad, but if they just toned down the chocolate about 50% it would be much better. I am sure this is a beer that casual chocolate lovers might like, but it was just too much for me.

Picture of the day: Who ever said WWE wrestling isn’t real was a liar.

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