Beer 284/365 – Harpoon Summer Beer

Harpoon Summer Beer

Style: Kolsch

ABV: 5.5%

Purchased at: Vintage Estate – Boardman OH

What makes this beer different: Dry and pretty refreshing

Will I be drinking this again: I won’t go out of my way to drink it, but if someone handed me a bottle on a warm summer day I would for sure drink it.

Grade: B

8/19/2010: I was running out of good summer beers that I had knowledge about, so i posted up a few weeks ago askinf for suggestions. I picked this beer up on a recommendation from one of the replies in that thread (Thanks Corey). I also ended up picking up their IPA as well, mostly because it was only $1.49.

I will admit I am by no means an expert on the Kolsch style, but I will try to be as accurate as possible here. The nose is very grainy, with a little bit of spice thrown in the mix. The flavor is mostly a malty grain type, with a handful of noble hops, and a little bit of lemon. Very light bodied and average carbonation. This was a very easy drinking beer, but nothing really stood out to me. It certainly was a beer that went down very easy on a warm summer evening.

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Beer 183/365 – Ballast Point Yellowtail Pale Ale

Style: Kolsch

ABV: 4.6%

Purchased at:Ummm, Did I get this in a trade? Superbowl poll maybe?

What makes this beer different: Tastes A LOT like miller lite

Will I be drinking this again:Probably not

Grade: C+

5/10/2010: Again yet another beer than I cannot remember where I got it from? Regardless I am pretty pumped that the Pittsburgh area is starting to carry ballast point beer. They make some pretty good stuff (minus this beer).

When I smelled this, the first thing I honestly thought of was Miller Lite. Overall there is not a lot of taste, but the taste that I am getting isn’t very pleasant. Kind of watery. Sorry not a lot to say about this one as I was very underwhelmed by it. Not the best beer to follow up a Dark Lord with.

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