Beer 312/365 – Southern Tier Harvest Ale

Southern Tier Harvest

Style: Extra Special / Strong Bitter

ABV: 6.4%

Purchased at: Vintage Estate – Boardman Ohio

What makes this beer different: Hoppy for an ESB

Will I be drinking this again: Probably! Very unique for the style.

Grade: A-

9/16/2010: Thus far all the Southern Tier beer’s I have had have either been excellent, or fall way short. I love their whole Sweetwater Stout series, but a lot of their beer than comes in 12oz bottles are just ‘meh.’ Taking a shot on this one since the price point was right ($1.49).

Harvest Ale is probably the strongest hop scented nose I have ever come across for an ESB. Mostly citrusy hop notes. Great transition in the flavor from sweet caramely malt, into a good punch of bitter from the hops. Most ESBs have that weird “falloff” wants it hits the back of your tongue, but not Harvest Ale, very well done. Mouthfeel is a bit full for the style, but the over average amount of carbonation makes up for this.

Picture of the day: Parents should not have a facebook account.

Beer 235/365 – Southern Tier 2xIPA

southern tier 2xipa

Style: Imperial IPA

ABV: 8.2%

Purchased at: Sent to me in a trade

What makes this beer different: The looks are deceiving, lots of flavor for how transparent the beer is.

Will I be drinking this again: Can’t find it in the area? But I would drink it again yes.

Grade: A-

7/1/2010: Pliny the Elder is widely considered to be the best Imperial IPA on the market these days. I was browsing beer advocate when I stumbled in a thread where a user did a taste test with Pliny and 2xIPA. Surprisingly a lot of people chimed in as to how well 2xipa stands up to Pliny. I haven’t seen this beer in my area so I decided I had to try and trade for some ASAP.

The smell is intense for such a light colored beer, lots of fruity/piney hops. I am not expecting the flavor to be as intense, but it actually is. Lots of hop flavors going on, mostly grapefruit, some pine, and the malt gives a nice bready flavor. Not very sweet for an Imperial IPA, finishes a bit dry actually. Medium mouthfeel. I am sure the hardcore hop heads love this beer, but I like my Imperial IPAs (DIPAs) to be a little tiny bit sweeter. This almost falls down into the American IPA category in my opinion.

Picture of the day: Everything thats great about American food all in one place.

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Beer 169/365 – Southern Tier Raspberry Porter

Style: American Porter

ABV: 4.8%

Purchased at: Vintage Estate – Boardman Ohio

What makes this beer different: Bleh, sour, and fizzy like pop (soda)

Will I be drinking this again: Nope

Grade: C

4/26/2010: Argh! Southern Tier you were on a roll, I thought you were the kings of dark beer. Then you give me this crap. I guess realistically this is a beer a lot of girls might like (simply because most girls will try any beer with a sweet fruit in it), and probably sells well to people who aren’t really into craft beer so, I can’t be a hater.

This sounds like pop (yes its pop) when you pour it out, super fizzy. The first taste is almost like a raspberry candy, very artificial tasting. A little bit of chocolate flavor is the only thing that saves this beer at all. Very carbonated and fizzy. To me you should never be able to see THAT much light pass through a porter (look above at picture), and yes it is a bit watery tasting too. Why can’t someone make a GOOD cherry/raspberry porter? Does anyone know of one? Because I have yet to drink one.

Picture of the day: If I had a kid I would for sure get him this shirt.

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Beer 157/365 – Southern Tier Hop Sun

Style: American Pale Wheat Ale

ABV: 4.9%

Purchased at: 3 Sons Dogs n Suds – Wexford PA

What makes this beer different: Great summer beer. Pale Wheat Ale’s might be my new go to summertime brew.

Will I be drinking this again: Yes, although I am hoping Three Floyds gets their paperwork through to sell in Ohio ASAP. If that happens I will be buying gumball head by the trunk full.

Grade: B+

4/14/2010: Southern Tier is one of my favorite breweries because of the awesome imperial stouts they brew. Creme Brulee, Jahva, Mokah, Chokolat.. all great beers and all taste just as advertised. When I want a flavored stout I don’t want to have to search for the flavors, and with Southern Tier its like playing hide n seek with the neighborhood fat kid who isn’t exactly the stealthiest guy around. I haven’t had many of their non-stout beers and this one sucked me in with the shiny summertime labeling.

For as light and transparent as this beer is, is sure has a strong floral hop aroma to it. The taste is tons of floral hops, and some tangy zesty lemon action going on. Unfortunately there isn’t much wheat to malt balance in Hop Sun. There is much more sweet pale malts that wheat it seems like. Super light mouthfeel with above average carbonation makes this a great summer time beer. If only the malt/wheat had a little better balance (like gumball head), and a little bit thicker of a mouthfeel to it, this beer would have been an A-.

Picture of the day: Wow what a combination. I might have to stop by this place next time I need to stock up on beer.

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Beer 150/365 – Southern Tier Mokah

Style: Imperial Stout

ABV: 11.0%

Purchased at: Vintage Estate – Boardman Ohio

What makes this beer different: This is what I thought the Southern Tier Choklat should have tasted like

Will I be drinking this again: Absolutely

Grade: A

4/7/2010: This is the last stout I have yet to try from Southern Tier’s Sweetwater series. Jahva is one of my favorite stouts for sure, but the Choklat was a bit disappointing. Well turns out Mokah is a 50/50 mix of the aforementioned beers, so this should be interesting.

This stuff pours out super thick. The smell is all about chocolate to me, I am not getting much coffee. Same for the taste, its mostly about Belgian Chocolate from the Choklat, with a bit of the Jamaican Coffee showing up from the Jahva. If I didn’t know any better I would think that this was 75% ST Choklat, and 25% Jahva. I am sure this is because the Chocolate from Choklat is VERY strong and bitter, overpowering the coffee flavors. Overall this is a very sweet and tasty beer, and what I had envisioned Choklat tasting like. The coffee curbs the chocolate just enough for it to be a very good beer. Hides the booze very well for 11% also.

Picture of the day: Shes just not that into you.

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Beer 77/365 – Southern Tier Choklat

Style: Imperial Stout

Purchased at: Vintage Estate – Boardman OH

What makes this beer different: Tons and tons of bittersweet chocolate

Will I be drinking this again: Yes I bought a few to age

Grade: B+

1/24/2010: I was probably more excited to try this beer than any of the prior 76 beers on my list. From what I have been reading people say its the most chocolatey beer out there. I love chocolate and big heavy imperial stouts, so I was ready to have my mind blown.

The smell is like a melted tootsie roll all the way. Okay about to take my first sip and ready to be “wowed”… but no… Maybe I am guilty of comparing certain beers to each other but i was expecting the same “wow” I got when I drank the Southern Tier Jahva. Don’t get me wrong this beer is damn good, but again my anticipation for this one might have been too high. The taste is without a doubt chocolate, but VERY bitter chocolate and lots of it. This is not a Hersheys milk chocolate flavor, this is more like dark chocolate bakers discs. Southern Tier is always true to their labeling, pumpking, creme brulee, jahva… all have an in your face taste of the name on the bottle. The mouthfeel was also a bit lighter than what I expected. The alcohol peeked out a little bit too much towards the end of the beer, where the jahva had similar alcohol content but not a sign of alcohol. I am hoping if I age a couple of these it will mellow out the bitterness and mask the alcohol a bit.

Funny Picture of the day: I’ve gotta find me one of these air fresheners.

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Beer 68/365 – Southern Tier Jahva

Style: Imperial Stout

Purchased at: Vintage Estate – Boardman, OH

What makes this beer different: I’ll let you know once I stop drooling

Will I be drinking this again:Undoubtedly YES

Grade: A+

1/15/2010: Anyone catching onto the fact that heavy coffee stouts are my beer of choice? God this stuff is good. I might have to try this side by side with Speedway Stout (my current favorite stout) to see which one I truly like more.

Jahva is made with Jamaican Blue Mountain coffee, which is said to be among the best coffee beans in the world. As soon as you open this stuff it smells like a fresh brew cup of dark coffee. You don’t have to go hunting for a “hint” of coffee smell with this stuff. The taste can only be described as “wow.” So heavy, but so smooth and delicious. Coffee is about 75% of the taste, with about 25% bakers chocolate to compliment it. This beer is very sugary, but not to where you can’t stand it. I didn’t realize until after I was done drinking this that is was 10.4% ABV, but I was shocked when I found this out because there is not a trace of alcohol burn while drinking it. If you are a stout lover and a coffee lover, this beer is a must get. Southern Tier is quickly shooting up my list of favorite breweries.

Funny Picture of the day: Faster than a speeding… owl?

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Beer 63/365 – Southern Tier Pumking

Style: Pumpkin Ale

Purchased at: Bocktown Beer and Food

What makes this beer different: Tastes like liquid pumpkin pie

Will I be drinking this again: Yes for sure

Grade: B+

1/10/2010: I wish I would have spoken up when I got this on tap, because it had a faint smell of cleaning products. Unfortunately as usual I was in a big rush, and the bar tender was busy as hell so I just drank it. I am pretty sure this skewed my opinion of this beer, so I will be sure to try it out of the bottle next time I see it.

The beer had a slight nutmeg/cinnamon smell to it, and the taste was just like pumpkin pie. Cinnamon and Pumpkin were at the front, with a little bit of nutmeg and alcohol bite at the end. The mouthfeel on this one was a bit light, and I was surprised it wasn’t a bit more malty. If they would have added a bit more malt to this, and cranked up the flavor just a little bit, it would have bumped this beer up to an A for me. The flavor was there I just needed a bit more to balance out the high ABV.

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Beer 13 – Southern Tier Crème Brulee Stout

Style: Imperial Stout

Purchased at: Vintage Estate

What makes this beer different: Sweetest tasting stout I have ever had.

Will I be drinking this again: Yes, but not in large doses.

Grade: A

11/21/09 This really does taste like liquid Creme Brulee, but sweeter. You taste burnt sugar and vanilla right off the bat. Some might think this is too sweet, but I think the flavor is awesome. You probably could not drink more than one glass of this in a sitting because of how sweet it is. Your lips actually get tacky and start sticking to the glass while drinking it. Another beer that everyone should try once in their life.

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