365beers Recap & Top Ten List

11/19/2010: This blog has been the most exhausting yet gratifying thing I have ever been through. Drinking and acquiring all the good beer was the easy part, but actually updating the site proved to be a bit daunting at times. In the end it was all worth it, tried almost 80 styles of beer, drank some amazing beer from all over the world, made some great business connections, got a lot of great publicity from some high profile people/breweries, and made some friends along the way as a result of creating this website. I never could have imagined when I thought this idea up that I would get 56,000+ page views in just under a year. Thanks to everyone for reading and commenting, as that is what really motivated me to stick with it. After I gained about 15 lbs I almost decided to call it quits, but thank God for p90x as it helped me lose that weight plus 5 more (side note if you are looking to get back into shape, p90x IS the real deal). Keep in mind I am going to keep the site up and running, just going to update about half as much. So keep reading! I hope you all have enjoyed reading as much as I have maintaining it.

Below is a list of my top ten from the year. No surprise that five of them are Imperial Stouts, one Quad, one Belgian Strong Dark, one Double IPA, one Rye Ale, and an English Barleywine. Let me know your personal thoughts on any of the beers in my list. Agree Disagree?

10: J.W. Lees Vintage Harvest Ale 2001

Such a unique sweet toffee like flavor. Wish it was a bigger bottle though!

Click the link below for the rest of the top 10!


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Top Ten List & Recap Coming Later Today

Just a quick update. I finally got around to rounding up all my A+ beers in a spreadsheet. It took a lot longer than I had anticipated, and this would have been much easier if I updated a spreadsheet as I went along but I like to make things difficult. Anywho there are 22 beers that I rated an A+, so I have to put my Simon Cowell hat on this afternoon and narrow this bunch down a bit.

Still drinking/taking pictures of beer, just haven’t updated because I want to get my recap and Top 10 up first. Hold tight!

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Coming down the home stretch!

Wow what an experience this website ended up being for me. I have certainly met some really cool people, drank some amazing beer, visited some kick ass breweries, and opened a lot of doors business wise by making this blog. I gotta be honest in saying I used to scoff at blogging, but I really underestimated the blogosphere in general.

I never thought almost a year ago when making this site that it would have received the publicity and attention it has. I got acknowledgment from a beer Legend Lew Bryson, became personal friends and made a few websites for Phill from the #1 rated beer store in the world Vintage Estate, had beer sent to me from Japan, a feature in an article on a local online webzine (click if you want to see my ugly mug), and props from major breweries like Short’s and Smuttynose. I’m also probably going to break the 50,000 hits plateau here in the next day or so. I never expected any of this as I was just doing this website for fun, but it really ended up taking on a life of its own.

Thanks again to everyone for reading and commenting! Doing this on my own without some of the comments/feedback I have been receiving would have been boring. For what its worth I am going to go into the bonus round even after the 365 beers are up. Although I will not be updating everyday, probably 2/3 times a week instead of a full 7. For these last 23 beers or so I plan on breaking out some really good stuff from the basement, and will try to knock off a good bit of the top100 beers on BeerAdvocate. Also taking suggestions, what beers have you had recently that I should try? Post in the comments section as I want some suggestions for my last beers, and just your feedback on the site in general. How long have you been reading? How did you find the site? I would be interested to hear.

Thanks again and Cheers!

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It’s a Short’s Beer Marathon!

Shorts Brewery

Click the image for full-size

10/4/2010: Short’s Brewing is one of the many reasons why Michigan is my favorite beer state, and I plan on paying homage to them by drinking 13 of their beers for the next 13 days. Short’s is one of my favorite breweries because they think outside the box with beers like Key Lime Pie, PB&J, Black Licorice Lager, Smoked Apple, Smore’s Stout etc. If I ever were to open a brewery I would certaintly try to break down conventional beer barriers much like Short’s does.

I acquired all these bottles through various trades over the last few months, and was holding out until I got 14 different bottles for two full weeks, but I am running out of days to fit these in. Although if you have a Short’s beer not pictured above, and feel like sending it to me by all means please do! haha.

Special Thanks to Andy, Doug, and Erik for helping me get my hands on all these great brews. Stay Tuned!

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Callout to my readers – Any good summer beers to recommend?

Believe it or not my summer beer stash is running a bit low. I have tried to seek out a lot of the summer staples; Gumballhead, Oberon, Typical American IPA’s etc., but I am running out of ideas. I am sure there is something I haven’t yet tried that is one of your go-to summer beers, so let me know! I am making a beer run one week from today and want to some recommendations. As a thank you, if I end up drinking your recommendation I will send you a high res version that you can use as a desktop wallpaper, or whatever you would like to use it for.


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Surly Beer Week!

Surly Beer

Click image above for a full wallpaper

7/12/2010: Oh yes. Its time for a whole bunch of top notch canned craft beer from the land of 10,000 lakes. I actually have been to Minnesota quite a few times to play in the USA Cup back when I played cup soccer. Had a ton of good memories up there in Blaine, MN.

Surly is known for being one of the best canned craft beers around, and if you are a daily reader of my blog you know I have a love affair with canned beer. I got my hands on a bunch of their stuff through various trades, so I figured why not make an entire week of it. I had already sampled a few of Surly’s brews at a tasting a couple months back, but I am pretty excited to try an entire pint of these guys. Stay tuned!

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Captured all 4 Aged Yeti’s… Now what?

Click HERE for full size

Any stout lover surely has tried the regular Great Divide Yeti as I have, but I have not yet tried ANY of the Barrel Aged Yeti’s. I managed to somehow round up all four of these supposed mythical Sasquatch beers. Had to travel to places way outside of Pennsylvania to find these beasts. Now the question is, how to drink them? Obviously I can’t drink all of these myself in one night, but would you do all 4 in one night with a few friends? One a night for four nights? If so in what order? Try the regular yeti first then move on up? What would you do if you had all four? Give me some feedback in the comments below people!

Sidenote, Does anyone know what the 2005 vs 2009 label looks like for the chocolate yeti? Jared from BA bought this for me and told me the guy at the store claimed it was an 05, but the 5 can kind of looks like a 9 to me.. What do you think?

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2 Days, 7 brewpubs, 1000+ miles, and still not enough beer!

Glasses each representing the brewpubs/taprooms I made it to (hopcat is missing)

Ok so I am warning everyone ahead of time this might be the longest beer post ever. If you dare click “more…” below to read what went down on my beer marathon; complete with pictures.


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Random Post – Happy New Year and Who Are You?!

So overall I am very surprised to the response I have been getting to this blog. At first I was apprehensive about doing this but am glad I did. I am averaging over 100 views a day, but the question is… Who are you? where are you from, how did you find my blog, and what would you like to see me do differently in 2010 with my site? I want to hear your feedback. Don’t be bashful to post your thoughts in the comments section as I read and reply to every single one. And if you haven’t yet, click the subscription button on the right column of the page to get daily updated sent to your email.

Personally I am starting off 2010 by doing a little brewery tour with the girlfriend. I know most of the breweries might be closed today, but I am getting a little bit of cabin fever. Going to start off by heading to NW PA towards Erie, then through northern Ohio, and into southern Michigan. If we have time we might try to end the trip in Chicago at Goose Island. Below is a list in order of what we will be passing, I know we wont be able to get them all but I’m going to try!

Southern Tier
Thirsty Dog
Hoppin Frog
Great Lakes
Maumee Bay Brewing
Fort Street Brewery
Jolly Pumpkin
Dark Horse
New Holland
Saugatuck Brewing
The Livery
Three Floyds
Goose Island
Two Brothers

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Random Post – Gifts from Denver

Don’t mind the dusty table! My buddy Kevin was in town for the holidays, and I had him pick me up some beer that I can’t get here in PA. Pretty pricey but I think I got some good stuff. I love the regular Yeti so really looking forward to trying the oak aged one. Also pretty pumped about getting a couple Abyss’. I plan on aging them for one a two years respectively.

From front to back:

Avery Maharaja IPA
Great Divide Oak Aged Yeti
Moylans Xmas Spiced White Lager
Alaskan 2007 Smoked Porter
Goose Island Bourbon County Stout
Deschutes The Abyss (2)
Russian River Consecration
The Bruery 2 Turtle Doves
O’Dells Woodcut Oak Aged Crimson Ale

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