Beer 185/365 – Founder’s Red’s Rye PA

Style: Rye Beer

ABV: 6.8%

Purchased at: Vintage Estate – Boardman OH

What makes this beer different: Its like a spicy IPA

Will I be drinking this again: Yes

Grade: B+

5/12/2010: Okay so time for some honestly. I never took the time to read what a “rye beer” technically is. To me they always just tasted like an IPA. Well turns out they are supposed to have IPA qualities, but with some spicy notes.

Red’s Rye smells a lot like a DIPA, a lot of malt and hops going on, somewhat sweet smelling. The taste is mostly sticky caramel malt, grapefruit hop flavor, and an “earthy” flavor I can’t quite put my finger one. It also does have a pepper (spicy) type of hint to it. This beer is thicker and has more malt than a typical IPA, but not quite a DIPA. Other Rye beers I have had were a bit dry, but this one is not. Overall a pretty solid beer.

Picture of the day: How does this bike not get hit?

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Beer 130/365 -Founder’s Kentucky Breakfast Stout

Style: Imperial Stout

ABV: 11.2%

Purchased at: Given to me by Andy

What makes this beer different: So complex, and perfectly boozy

Will I be drinking this again: Yes yes yes

Grade: A+

3/18/2010: Another beer given to me by Andy from Michigan. This bottle is a 2009 so it has already been aged a year, well two including the one that it is aged before it is even put onto shelves. So pumped to try this because as I’m sure a lot of you know Imperial Stouts are my go to. Thanks again Andy!

KBS smells mostly like roasted coffee, with some bourbon and chocolate hints. The first sip can only be described as “wow.” So many flavors going on, all are very strong but in perfect balance. A lot of coffee/chocolate flavor, followed by bourbon and some woody notes. As I get to the bottom I am starting to get some vanilla as well. Some nice hop presence also. Very boozy but in a good way. Similar to that feeling you get after a long week at work and you drink a strong jack and coke. Mouthfeel was not quite as thick as I expected, but still on the thick side of average. This doesn’t quite uproot Speedway Stout from my #1 stout spot, but it came very close. If you are a beer lover I am sure I don’t need to tell you to buy this if you see it.

Picture of the day: I would love to know what this cat is looking at.

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Beer 120/365 – Founder’s Sappy Slappy Bastard

Style: Scotch Ale / Wee Heavy

Purchased at: Smokin Joe’s – Pittsburgh PA

What makes this beer different: So strong but the maple balances it out PERFECTLY

Will I be drinking this again: I hope to God they brew this again.

Grade: A+

3/8/2010: Big thanks to one of my readers Andy and his wife for buying me a couple rounds on a Monday night. They hail from Detroit and were spending a couple nights in Pittsburgh before heading out to The Barnes Foundation in Philly. They also picked me up 4 Short’s PB&J’s, 2 Short’s Mystery Stouts, and a Kentucky Breakfast Stout from 09. They wouldn’t let me pay them for any of the beer mentioned above. So again, thanks so much to Andy and his wife. You guys will be getting a nice little surprise beer in the mail when you get back home.

I honestly never even heard of this beer, but Andy went on to tell me its basically Backwoods Bastard that is aged in maple barrels (he had one also). I am always down for trying any beer that has maple in it. The smell is pretty straight forward, bourbon with maple. The taste is freaking amazing. The bourbon hits you first, and smoothly transitions into a strong maple flavor, and finishes with a touch of oak and vanilla. This is the most maple flavor I have ever tasted in a beer, but it works because there was a lot of bourbon in it to balance out. Maple is the perfect addition to the backwoods bastard, because I found the bourbon a little strong for me. Mouthfeel is syrupy but creamy in a way. Its been awhile since I had an A+ beer but this one no doubt deserves it. If you are lucky enough to see this on tap at a local bar.. GET IT!

Picture of the day: Even comcast realizes that Jay Leno’s show sucks.

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Beer 78/365 – Founder’s Porter

Style: American Porter

Purchased at: Vintage Estate – Boardman OH

What makes this beer different: Lots of flavor for a light porter

Will I be drinking this again: Yes for sure

Grade: A-

1/25/2010: Dark. Rich. Sexy. That’s what the label reads and pretty much sums the beer up better than anything I can type. Although the lady on the picture by today’s standards wouldn’t be considered very sexy. Maybe 100 years ago that type of chick would be my cup ‘o tea.

Have yet to try a beer from Founder’s that I don’t like. This beer is dangerously drinkable. The smell is straight chocolate, and the taste is pretty similar. A nice amount of chocolate with a bit of coffee taste. Very creamy for a Porter. Mouthfeel is a little heavier than a typical porter, but still on par. It also hides the alcohol well for it being 6.5%. Overall its a solid beer and very drinkable.

Funny Picture of the day: Damn engineers are pretty slick. Check out how this guy is drinking his beer.

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Beer 39 – Founder’s Backwoods Bastard

Style: Scotch Ale / Wee Heavy

Purchased at: Vintage Estate

What makes this beer different: Whiskey Whiskey Whiskey

Will I be drinking this again: Yes

Grade: B+

12/17/2009: This is the first time I have ever tried a Scotch Ale. According to Beer Advocate Scotch Ales are strong ales, also known as “Wee Heavy.” In the 19th century Scotland, they’d also be known as 160/-, a nomenclature based on the now obsolete shilling currency.

First thing that hits you without a doubt is the bourbon, followed by oak chips and vanilla. Might sound weird but it is a really good blend. As the beer warms up it REALLY becomes a sipping beer (as if it wasn’t before that). Lots of whiskey flavor as it warms. If you are a whiskey/bourbon lover give this one a try, otherwise steer clear.

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Beer 24 – Founders Breakfast Stout

Style: Imperial Stout

Purchased at: Vintage Estate

What makes this beer different: Great combo of flavors

Will I be drinking this again: Absolutely

Grade: A-

12/2/09: This beer has been lab tested and sampled by thousands of babies, and they all approved by vomiting profusely. Okay not really but who knows it might quiet down a cranky baby if you give it a spoonful like the label shows? Beer is some damn good medicine and I have a feeling my mom spoon fed me beer as a child. That would explain a lot.

Anyways onto the beer. This stuff is damn tasty. I would let this one sit out of the fridge for about 10 minutes to get a little bit warm because its much more flavorful that way. Bold but smooth coffee and chocolate flavor. Oddly it also has a little bit of a buttered toast taste to it.

Have you tried a similar beer that you think is better? Let me know in the comments section below!

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