Beer 317/365 – Sam Adams Octoberfest

Sam Adams Octoberfest

Style: Oktoberfest

ABV: 5.3%

Purchased at: On Tap@Cioppino – Pittsburgh, PA

What makes this beer different: My first ever octoberfest beer long ago, so I think my objectivity will be weak on this one.

Will I be drinking this again: Every fall!

Grade: B+

9/21/2010: Sam Adam’s Octoberfest was my first ever beer for this style. It may have actually been my first Sam Adams also. Had this on tap at my good friend Ray’s restaurant. The restaurant is across from an apartment complex where a lot of Pittsburgh athletes live. Well turns out Mike Comrie just so happened to be walking by with his wife Hilary Duff while I was drinking my Sam Adams. I usually don’t get that start-struck but I gotta say she was probably the most famous person I have ever seen in real life. Onto the beer…

The nose is pretty typical for an octo-fest, caramel and toasted malt dominant. The flavors also have the typical caramel/toast malt characteristics, but there are some floral hops there as well. I don’t really to know how to explain it but I feel like every Sam Adam’s beer has this clean/crisp type thing going on in all their beers. The flavors never seem to be too intrusive, but still strong enough to make it a tasty beer. Mouthfeel is medium body, and it goes down quite smooth.

Picture of the day: Probably not safe for work. Very akward facebook post.

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Beer 296/365 – Pretty Thing’s American Darling

Pretty Things American Darling

Style: American Pale Lager

ABV: 7.00%

Purchased at: Jared sent me this as an extra… I seem to be typing that a lot lately hah.

What makes this beer different: THIS is the beer you want to make your miller lite drinking friends try. It will make them a believer in craft beer.

Will I be drinking this again: Would love to if they distributed to PA. Pretty things is becoming one of my favorite New England area breweries.

Grade: A-

8/31/2010: I think by this point Jared may have sent me just about every beer that Pretty Things Beer & Ale project makes. Which is fine by me because they really brew some great stuff. Their St Bodolph’s Town is one of my favorite brown ales ever. So unique.

The nose is mostly pale malt, with some floral and grassy notes. The flavor is what all American “Lite beers” should taste like; Crisp, slightly grassy, just a little bit of floral hops, and a good bit of pale malt to provide a really nice balance. ABV is hidden very well for 7%. Very well carbonated and medium body. Very refreshing, and all non-craft beer drinkers should have to try this beer.

Picture of the day: I can see into the future.

Beer 284/365 – Harpoon Summer Beer

Harpoon Summer Beer

Style: Kolsch

ABV: 5.5%

Purchased at: Vintage Estate – Boardman OH

What makes this beer different: Dry and pretty refreshing

Will I be drinking this again: I won’t go out of my way to drink it, but if someone handed me a bottle on a warm summer day I would for sure drink it.

Grade: B

8/19/2010: I was running out of good summer beers that I had knowledge about, so i posted up a few weeks ago askinf for suggestions. I picked this beer up on a recommendation from one of the replies in that thread (Thanks Corey). I also ended up picking up their IPA as well, mostly because it was only $1.49.

I will admit I am by no means an expert on the Kolsch style, but I will try to be as accurate as possible here. The nose is very grainy, with a little bit of spice thrown in the mix. The flavor is mostly a malty grain type, with a handful of noble hops, and a little bit of lemon. Very light bodied and average carbonation. This was a very easy drinking beer, but nothing really stood out to me. It certainly was a beer that went down very easy on a warm summer evening.

Picture of the day: English… and how to speak it

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Beer 276/365 – Wachusett Brewing Larry IPA

Wachusett Brewing Larry IPA

Style: Imperial IPA

ABV: 7.5%

Purchased at: Jared sent this as an extra in a trade.

What makes this beer different:

Will I be drinking this again: Yes! this was a pretty good beer.

Grade: B+

8/11/2010: Jared always sends me some really good extras. This was one of those said extras. I have never tried any beer from Wachusett brewing, and quite honestly don’t know a lot about them so lets see how this goes!

Larry IPA is very citrus smelling, and has a very nice foamy head. This beer was more on the hoppy end of the scale rather than malty. Usually this would kill a beer for me, but the hops were all very fruity, lots of citrus and some grapefruit. No real piney hop flavor to speak of which is good since its not my favorite characteristic in a beer. Very light bodied for the style, but so is the ABV (7.5%) so that was to be expected. Very well carbonated which help alleviate some of the bitterness. Thanks again for this extra Jared!

Picture of the day: I wish meat was packaged like this in my local grocery store.

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Beer 269/365 – Buzzards Bay Black Lager

Buzzards Bay Black Lager

Style: Schwarzbier

ABV: 5.0%

Purchased at: Sent to me in a trade

What makes this beer different: Kind of minerally, not terrible though

Will I be drinking this again: Probably not.

Grade: B

8/4/2010: So turns out this beer has been retired? No idea when this was brewed but lagers don’t exact age well, so I don’t expect this beer to knock my socks off. Honestly I’m not even sure if the profile I found on BA is the right one? Is this brewed by “Just Beer Brewing Co?.” I don’t recall seeing it on the label, and the bottle is at home in my basement as I type this so I can’t check.

The nose of this beer is nothing special, just very malty. The flavor is mostly “roasty”, a little bit of burnt chocolate, a little bit of smoke, and a punch of this minerally/iron type flavor that you sometimes get when you sample an older lager. The flavor isn’t terrible, but its not super pleasing. The mouthfeel is about average, and very very carbonated. Not terrible, but nothing special.

Picture of the day: From one of my favorite video games growing up, fish hadouken.

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Beer 205/365 – Sam Adams Winter Lager

Style: Bock

ABV: 5.8%

Purchased at: ummmm? I have so much beer stocked up that I have no idea where I got it all from

What makes this beer different: My first ever winter beer many many years ago.

Will I be drinking this again: Yes

Grade: B+

6/1/2010: Ugh still two weeks behind on updating. Everytime I think I have time to get caught up, something comes up. For instance last night I played goalie for my friends ice hockey team. It was my first time EVER playing ice hockey, so it was interesting. I played baseball all my life, so my glovehand was good. I also played goalie for soccer most of my life, so I had the angles down. But I had no idea how hard it would be to balance with all that equipment on. I think I lost 10lbs just from sweating. Anywho….

Sam Adams Winter Lager was one of my first ever winter beers when I was 21 (because I never touched alcohol before I turned 21 :X ). Figured its about time that I drink this before winter comes around again. The smell is malty with a little bit of cinnamon. The taste is pretty much all about the malt, cinnamon/nutmeg, and some earthiness going on (it seems that a lot of Sam Adam’s beer has this same flavor). Overall this is always a solid go to beer for the holiday season, or the middle of June whatever tickles your fancy.

Picture of the day: Oh no its a tie!.

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Beer 203/365- Sam Adams Boston Lager

Style: Vienna Lager

ABV: 4.75%

Purchased at: Hmm I don’t even remember?

What makes this beer different: Just a solid example of what a Lager should taste like.

Will I be drinking this again: Yes since its usually available everywhere.

Grade: B+

5/30/2010: This is probably my new favorite photo I have taken thus far. Took this picture on a nice hot summer-like day out on the new patio that the girlfriend got me. I figured I had to throw one of the best selling Craft Beers into the mix here. Actually I wonder if it is the best selling craft beer? I would figure it to be, or maybe Sierra Nevada Pale Ale? Anyone have any stats on that?

Boston Lager doesn’t have to strong of a smell, but I do get some sweet malt and some noble type hops. The flavor is nice and crisp, some semi-bitter earthy hops, and some caramel malt. Nice airy semi-light mouthfeel. To me the taste isn’t overly complex, and thats what makes Boston Lager so drinkable. I would almost venture to say that this is the beer I have consummed the most of outside of BMC (Bud, Miller, Coors) beer. This is mostly due to the fact its available almost everywhere.

Picture of the day: Ask me about my Zombie Shirt.

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Beer 161/365 – Harpoon Leviathan Baltic Porter

Style: Baltic Porter

ABV: 9.5%

Purchased at: One of the bottles I won via the superbowl block poll on beeradvocate

What makes this beer different: Super strong for a porter, but about right for the style from what I understand.

Will I be drinking this again: Only brewed once, but to be honest probably wouldn’t go out of my way to find it.

Grade: B

4/18/2010: This beer brings two firsts for me on my 365 journey, first beer from Harpoon, and the first Baltic Porter style beer. To be honest I think this is my first Harpoon beer ever. What styles are they known for? I might try out some more harpoon in the near future.

Leviathan smells STRONG. A good bit of chocolate in the nose, and something kind of fruity. The flavor is dark malt, some chocolate, and a nice touch of dark fruit. The mouthfeel/carbonation is a bit on the low end for a beer with this high of an ABV. Trust me I like a strong beer with some bite, but this stuff has a bit of a rubbing alcohol kick to it. Normally strong beers like this get easier to drink as you go, but I found myself barely sipping this. Took me a good hour to finish it off. Overall the flavor was awesome, but the lack of mouthfeel to cover the ABV was a deal breaker for me.

Picture of the day: 25 examples of unintentional porn. Its safe for work don’t worry.

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Beer 156/365 – Mayflower Porter

Style: English Porter

ABV: 5.5%

Purchased at: Argh I forget,… again. I think Jared sent me this one in a trade?

What makes this beer different: Just a solid porter overall.

Will I be drinking this again: If it was in my area I would buy a few more for sure. Very good porter.

Grade: A-

4/13/2010: I am somewhat of a history nerd in that I like knowing how certain styles of beer came to be, when they came to be, why etc. Turns out English Porters have been around since the 1700’s. It was the beer of choice for the blue collared workers during the United Kingdoms Industrial Revolution. Ok enough History Channel shtuff, time to drink.

Mayflower Porter smells very “roasty.” Pours out a bit thicker than average with only a little bit of head. The flavor is roasty, mocha-y, and a little bit of char. This beer is very smooth, and roast flavor is for sure the headliner the whole way through. Has a nice dose of sweetness as well, maybe molasses? Overall a very drinkable porter.

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Beer 88/365 – Berkshire Coffeehouse Porter

Style: American Porter

Purchased at: In a trade with Jared from BA

What makes this beer different: Cinnamon, Caramel, and Pumpkin.

Will I be drinking this again: Yes

Grade: B+

2/04/2010: Another beer from Jared at BA. It was my first time doing a beer trade and we must have exchanged about 40 bottles total (20 each). I basically wanted anything that I could not normally get in PA. I am a lot more open now to trying pretty much any style, but as I have said many times imperial stouts are #1 in my book.

Coffeehouse porter almost smells like a sweet iced coffee. For better or for worse when I tasted this it reminded me of a beer my buddy brewed in college. Not sure if that means its an “amateur” beer, or the recipe just happened to be similar. Mostly a light coffee taste, with some roasted malt. I get a little bit of a nut flavor also. Mouthfeel is about average for a porter, maybe a bit heavier than the usual porter. Overall a pretty decent beer.

Funny Picture of the day: Ever wonder why you look up when you pray?

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