Beer 337/365 – Short’s Huma Lupa Licious

Shorts Huma Lupa Licious

Style: American IPA

ABV: 6.6%

Purchased at: Sent in a trade

What makes this beer different: On the piney end of the hop scale.

Will I be drinking this again: Probably not.

Grade: B

10/11/2010: Huma Lupa Licious is Short’s best selling, and most reviewed beer. Love the description on the label; “A complex malt and hop theme park in your mouth.” I am assuming going into this one that its going to be pretty tasty. Never thought I would say that about IPAs in general, but I have learned to really crave a good IPA every now and again.

The nose on Huma Lupa is grapefruit hops, and a lot of pine. Not good! For those of you who have been reading for a while you know that I hate piney hope flavor. The flavor is of the sharp resiny pine type, with some citrus, and biscuity malts. Usually I can take a bit of pine, but this little bastard was the main attraction in this theme park. Mouthfeel is medium and very nicely carbonated. Overall I am sure for he style a lot of hop heads would love this, but it was just average to me because of the pine kick.

Picture of the day: A family was almost killed yesterday while making pancakes.

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Beer 336/365 – Short’s Hanging Frank IPA

Shorts Hanging Frank IPA

Style: American IPA

ABV: ?

Purchased at: Sent in a trade

What makes this beer different: Probably the most controversial label I have ever seen on a beer.

Will I be drinking this again: One time release so probably not.

Grade: A-

10/10/2010: Pretty shocking label right? Well it sure did spark a ton of conversation on beeradvocate and Some people thought it was an African American man hanging in the label, but turns out it was a Caucasian; the owner of a local bar a who hung himself about a century ago. Whatever I’m not going to get into a tizzy over it, I’m just going to drink the damn beer. Hows that sound?

Lots of caramel malt and citrus hop in the nose. The flavor is strong but delicate at the same time; citrus hops, and very caramely for the style (which is okay by me). A bit of toasted flavor as well. Mouthfeel is medium but nice and creamy. One of the better IPAs I have had lately.

Picture of the day: This will help reduce stress.

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Beer 335/365 – Short’s Bourbon Barrel Sustenance Black Beer

Shorts Bourbon Barrel Sustenance Black Beer

Style: Schwarzbier

ABV: 6.5%

Purchased at: Sent in a trade

What makes this beer different: Not often you see a bourbon aged Schwarzbier. Its works though!

Will I be drinking this again: Loved this one, but I’m pretty sure its a limited release.

Grade: A

10/9/2010: Leave it to Short’s to decide to barrel age a Schwarzbier. Technically Schwarzbier is in the lager family, and lagers typically are best when consumed fresh. The idea sounds a bit hair-brained to me but I should know by now to not doubt Short’s Brew.

The nose has a sweet unobtrusive bourbon nose, with some roasty chocolate in there as well. The bourbon in Sustenance takes this beer to an entirely different level. Bourbon is there but not overwhelming; you still get the chocolate/smoke/citrus from the original Sustenance Black Beer. Sometimes bourbon can take away from the simple good flavor of a beer, but not in this case. I would compare it to saying Pizza is good on its own, but if you add just the right amount of hot sauce it makes pizza amazing. Mouthfeel is average, as well as the carbonation. I might have a soft spot for bourbon beer, but this one was without a doubt my favorite of short’s lineup so far.

Picture of the day: Frankie Muniz is kind of an asshole.

Beer 334/365 – Short’s Sustenance Black Bier

Shorts Sustenance Black Bier

Style: Schwarzbier

ABV: unknown?

Purchased at: Sent in a trade

What makes this beer different: Not much its just very well balanced.

Will I be drinking this again: As with other shorts brew, if it were available in my area I would buy more!

Grade: B+

10/8/2010: Kind of curious as tom why the ABV is unknown on this brew? I love how shorts always has a short description of each beer, but dislike how they never seem to put the ABV on the labels. Very odd to me.

The nose is musty, earthy, and smoky. The flavor is very well balanced between roast/smoke, chocolate, caramel, and a bit citrusy tang going on. This beer is very flavorful considering the mouthfeel is a bit south of average. Good carbonation. Overall this has been the least unique of the Short’s Brew’s I have tried, but hey I’m not complaining as it was still very tasty.

Picture of the day: Funny collection of yahoo answers.

Beer 332/365 – Short’s Black Licorice Lager

Shorts Black Licorice Lager

Style: Euro Dark Lager

ABV: 8.0%

Purchased at: Sent to me in a trade.

What makes this beer different: It almost tastes like root beer!

Will I be drinking this again: I would if it were local.

Grade: B+

10/6/2010: So just as a heads up before I get into the review of this beer… I HATE black licorice. Especially during Easter when you grab a handful of jelly beans thinking that the dark purple ones are grape, but no they are black licorice and ruin the whole mouthful.

Lots of chocolate in the nose, and a hint of black licorice. The flavor is not what I was expecting, mostly roasty chocolate, some dark fruit flavors, and only a little bit of Black Licorice flavor (thank god). Something about the flavor is really reminding me of a good root beer, can’t quite put my finger on what it is though. Alcohol is hidden very well which is a huge bonus. Smooth medium mouthfeel with nice carbonation. Very unique beer to say the least!

Picture of the day: Children are tasty.

Beer 213/365 – Short’s Smoked Apple Ale

Style: Fruit / Vegetable Beer

ABV: 6.25%

Purchased at: An extra in trade from Andy

What makes this beer different: Tastes as advertised, smokey and appley

Will I be drinking this again: Its a pretty limited release but if it was more accessible then yes I would.

Grade: A-

6/9/2010: Thanks a bunch to reader Andy for sending me this as an extra. I have been wanting to try Kuhnhenn Raspberry Eisbock for awhle now, and he hunted me one down. $14 for 6.3oz worth! I might have to break my 10oz per beer per day rule for that bad boy.

This beer smells like an apple cooked over a campfire. The taste is heavy on smoke at first, with a little bit of apple in the background. You can feel the smoke in your tear ducts its so intense. About halfway through the beer it really mellows out and the split is almost 50/50 smoke to apple, but still heavier on smoke. Very unique beer to be sure. A little over carbonated but it helps cut through the smoke a bit.

Picture of the day: Ronaldo is jealous.