I’m baaacckkk!

Talk about a hiatus. Sorry for disappearing for so long. I started a new job, and my side business has been extremely busy. I am not sure exactly what days I will be updating, or how often, but I promise there will be at least one update per week. Probably sometime between tue-thur time frame.

In the mean time I have been out of the loop as far as whats new and exciting in the beer world. Anyone have any recommendations on something new I should try? Or maybe something seasonal right now?

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Updates will be every Monday and Thursday

Okay so I realize I have been completely slacking since I ended the official 365 beers, but I decided I want to be a little more consistent. So now I will update every Monday and Thursday with a new beer. I have about 30 beers with photos and notes that have not been updated, but just haven’t had time to update. I actually put a little reminder on my calendar on my phone to update every Monday/Thursday so you will be sure to see something on both days.

In the mean time, have you been drinking anything new and interesting? I am looking to try something new and would like some suggestions.


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Beer 360/365 – Dieu Du Ciel Peche Mortel

De Dieu Ciel Peche Mortel

Style: Imperial Stout

ABV: 9.5%

Purchased at: Sent to me by Jared

What makes this beer different: One of the most intensely coffee flavored stouts ever.

Will I be drinking this again: Yes if I can find it again.

Grade: A

11/3/2010: I’m pretty sure this is my first beer from Dieu Du Ciel. I have a bottle of Aphrodisiaque in the basement, but it didn’t make the cut for the final handful of beers for my 365. I am sure I will drink and review it after the 365 is over.

The nose smells like used up coffee grinds, which is good because I love coffee (drinking some boca java as I type this). The flavor is all about semi-bitter roasted coffee, but it is rounded out nicely by some bitter chocolate. The alcohol is completely hidden. The mouthfeel is the highlight of this beer, so full and so creamy. This beer is by no means complex, its all about the coffee. Sometimes coffee doesn’t come through in big heavy stouts like this, but the coffee makes itself well known in Peche Mortel. The coffee flavor may be a bit too much for non-java lovers, but me personally I loved it.

Picture of the day: Baby is not a fan of yoda.

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Beer 357/365 – Goose Island Bourbon County Brand Stout (2006)

Goose Island Bourbon County Brand Stout

Style: Imperial Stout

ABV: 13.0%

Purchased at: Won it in a BIF on BeerAdvocate.

What makes this beer different: Surprisingly not as much bourbon as I expected, good stuff though.

Will I be drinking this again: Doubt I would ever be able to get my hands on this again.

Grade: A

10/31/2010: Had this little guy sent to me a few months back. I won a Super Bowl block poll, where the winner gets 48oz of beer from everyone else. Well there were 10 people total in the poll so I got 432oz of free beer, pretty awesome if you ask me. Someone was amazingly gracious by including this beer in one of the boxes that I received.

The nose is not nearly as boozy as I expected, the first thing I get actually is dark fruits, and some chocolate. Roasted coffee, sweet chocolate are the two headlining flavors. Smoke, char and vanilla make a bit of an appearance as well. Bourbon is there but not nearly as much as I expected. I’m sure the 4 years of age helped mellow it out a bit. That being said it is still boozy, just not bourbony boozy if that makes any sense. Mouthfeel is right down the middle which I think is perfect for this style, although the age obviously contributed to the lack of carbonation. Overall this is a great beer, the only thing that kept it from being an A+ was the fact that the booze could have been a bit more mellow, especially for a 4 yr old stout.

Picture of the day: Dear Public Toilets.

A small update for today, then tons of updates tomorrow.

Just wanted to fill everyone in about the lack of updates. I am still alive no worries!

These last few weeks have been pretty hectic for me. Spent an extended weekend in Ocean City/Atlantic City for my buddy Donnie’s bachelor party. Also my relationship of three years with Cara ended unexpectedly. No it was not a result of anything related to the bachelor party! haha. So needless to say my head isn’t completely in the game right now, but tomorrow I am going to plow through 5-7 updates!

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Beer 234/365 – Hoppin Frog Turbo Shandy

hoppin frog turbo shandy

Style: Fruit / Vegetable beer

ABV: 7.0%

Purchased at: Vintage Estate – Boardman Ohio

What makes this beer different: Very refreshing citrusy summer drink. Its like mellow yellow meets wheat beer.

Will I be drinking this again: Probably yes. Especially on a hot summer day.

Grade: B

6/30/2010: Hoppin Frog brewery is known for their big beers; Doris, Boris, Triple IPA etc. Apparently head brewer Fred Karm’s wife isn’t a fan of the aforementioned beers, so he told her he would make any style off beer she wanted. Rumor has it she suggested a light summery beer, and alas Turbo Shandy was born.

Turbo Shandy pours out like a lemon soda. Very carbonated to the point where the bubbles pop similar to how a fountain drink would. Smell is lemony and sugary. Has anyone ever tried Tequiza? The flavor reminds me a lot of this. Very lemony, and very very carbonated. The malts add a different depth to the beer, which I think makes it more drinkable than a typical soda. Although this is more on the soda end than it is on the beer end. I had this right after taking a jog, so I thought it was real refreshing. I’m sure purists will hate this, but it really hit the spot on a 90 degree day.

Picture of the day: Apparently beauty is more than skin deep.

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Beer 222/365 – Dogfish Head Wrath of Pecant

Style: American Brown Ale

ABV: 6.0%

Purchased at: Dogfish Brewpub in Rehoboth

What makes this beer different: First smokey brown ale I have ever had. Wasn’t a huge fan

Will I be drinking this again: I have another bottle but will probably bring it to the next Pittsburgh BA tasting.

Grade: B

6/18/2010: Picked this bad boy up from the brewpub while I was on vacation a few weeks back. One cool thing dogfish does is they make some of their vintage/one-of beers available to people who make the trek to Rehoboth. I also got a couple of 2006 World Wide Stouts. If I remember right this bottle was only $7 bucks? Not too bad for the big bottle.

The smell of Wrath of Pecant is smokey, malty and nutty. The flavor is… unique? I’m not sure how I feel about it. Smoke is the first thing that sticks out, and its a weird meaty smoke. I guess the boatload of malts help balance it to a point… caramel, toffee, lots of brown sugar. This actually is a very sweet beer, but the smoked flavor just doesn’t work here. Oh and not to mention no sign at all of the plantain, carob and pecans mentioned on the label. The body is actually kind of light for how overly sweet this beer is, and it would benefit from a bit more carbonation as well.

Picture of the day: Someone is over-compensating

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365 On Vacation!

So I had plans to update my site from the beach, but genius over here forgot to bring his laptop. I have all my pictures edited and ready to go, but they are back in Pittsburgh while I am in Ocean City Maryland.

I guess as a teaser, a couple of the beers I have yet to update; Sam Adams Lager, some Kona Beers, Surly Abrasive etc.

I will be away until early Monday, but I might update out of order with some pictures that I have on my camera from the last couple days. No promises though! Until then crack open a beer and kick back for a few days.


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Gone Fishin!

Taking a short hiatus until Sunday night on posting! I know I am currently already a few days behind, but I plan on catching up 100% on Sunday night. Taking a weekend to go fishing with from friends, a case of Aventinus, and a sixer of Hop sun from Southern Tier.

Have a good weekend fockers!

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Beer 138/365 – Fujizakura St Valentine’s Chocolate Wheat

Style: Dunkleweizen maybe?

ABV: 6.0%

Purchased at: Daniel @howtojaponese.com

What makes this beer different: Goopy and sour

Will I be drinking this again: Sorry Dan but this one was pretty bad.

Grade: C

3/26/2010: Mmmmm chocolate wheat, sounds like it would be good right? This one must be REAL rare even in Japan as I cannot find any information on it. In fact when you google the name of the beer, one of the top results is my site from the beginning of the week. Hmmm, so I have no idea what to expect here haha.

The chocolate definitely comes through in the smell, it actually smells a little sour? The taste is very similar, typical wheat beer taste with a dose of chocolate, roasted flavor, but I just can’t ignore the sour. Not sure if its the way it was brewed or if it was a little bit infected? The mouthfeel was actually very very goopy and thick for a wheat beer. I think I would have enjoyed this much more if the sour wasn’t there. The chocolate itself is a very good taste, but I am just having trouble appreciating it.

I actually have one last Japanese beer to drink tomorrow! I am pulling one out of my stash to add to Japanese Craft Beer week.

Picture of the day: This is how you clean a ferarri.

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