Beer 276/365 – Wachusett Brewing Larry IPA

Wachusett Brewing Larry IPA

Style: Imperial IPA

ABV: 7.5%

Purchased at: Jared sent this as an extra in a trade.

What makes this beer different:

Will I be drinking this again: Yes! this was a pretty good beer.

Grade: B+

8/11/2010: Jared always sends me some really good extras. This was one of those said extras. I have never tried any beer from Wachusett brewing, and quite honestly don’t know a lot about them so lets see how this goes!

Larry IPA is very citrus smelling, and has a very nice foamy head. This beer was more on the hoppy end of the scale rather than malty. Usually this would kill a beer for me, but the hops were all very fruity, lots of citrus and some grapefruit. No real piney hop flavor to speak of which is good since its not my favorite characteristic in a beer. Very light bodied for the style, but so is the ABV (7.5%) so that was to be expected. Very well carbonated which help alleviate some of the bitterness. Thanks again for this extra Jared!

Picture of the day: I wish meat was packaged like this in my local grocery store.

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