Beer 66/365 – Barons Lager

Style: Munich Helles Lager

Purchased at: Sicilianos Market – Chicago, IL

What makes this beer different: Metalic Smell

Will I be drinking this again:Nope

Grade: B-

1/13/2010: This one goes out to loyal reader Tom from Australia. I picked this one up because I wanted to review a craft beer from his country. Unfortunately I wish I would have picked up something different from the land down under because this one falls short.

The only way I can describe the smell is pennies. Very odd metallic type smell. The taste is almost non-existent. Not exaggerating when I say Miller lite has more flavor. Now that being said the flavor is not a bad flavor, its just very very weak and watery. Whereas Miller Lite has more flavor, but that flavor is terrible. Mouthfeel is honestly almost the same as a carbonated water. Sorry Tom! Maybe the Coopers Extra Stout from Kangaroo land I have in the queue might end up fairing a little better.

Funny Picture of the Day: Man I wish I could share my vinyls.

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