Beer 395/365 – Port Brewing Mongo IPA

Port Brewing Mongo IPA

Style: Imperial IPAABV: 8.5%

Purchased at: Sent in a trade

What makes this beer different: Lots of grapefruit/citrus character

Will I be drinking this again: Very good, but not worth trading for.

Grade: A

5/12/2011: My mom lately has become an estate sale junkie. I am a little bit afraid she might end up being featured on an episode of hoarders. Okay thats an exageration, but I do reap the benefits. Which brings me to my next point; the photo you see looks like is distorted, but its not. The glass is a super tall skinny pint glass that my mom bought me from an estate sale. I have a china closet full of beer glasses now, partially due to her estate sale purchases.

The nose is very fruity; orange peel, lemon, and strong grapefruit. This is one of the hoppier Double IPA’s that I have ever had, but thats okay because there are no signs of pine flavored hops (my least favorite flavor in beer). A lot of pale malt flavor, and even a bit of caramel. About average mouth-feel for the style, but the only place this beer is lacking is in hiding the alcohol. The alcohol shows itself a little tiny bit too much, but overall a really good beer.

Picture of the day: Now this is what I call Extreme Parenting.

Beer 276/365 – Wachusett Brewing Larry IPA

Wachusett Brewing Larry IPA

Style: Imperial IPA

ABV: 7.5%

Purchased at: Jared sent this as an extra in a trade.

What makes this beer different:

Will I be drinking this again: Yes! this was a pretty good beer.

Grade: B+

8/11/2010: Jared always sends me some really good extras. This was one of those said extras. I have never tried any beer from Wachusett brewing, and quite honestly don’t know a lot about them so lets see how this goes!

Larry IPA is very citrus smelling, and has a very nice foamy head. This beer was more on the hoppy end of the scale rather than malty. Usually this would kill a beer for me, but the hops were all very fruity, lots of citrus and some grapefruit. No real piney hop flavor to speak of which is good since its not my favorite characteristic in a beer. Very light bodied for the style, but so is the ABV (7.5%) so that was to be expected. Very well carbonated which help alleviate some of the bitterness. Thanks again for this extra Jared!

Picture of the day: I wish meat was packaged like this in my local grocery store.

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Beer 192/365 – Great Lake’s Lake Erie Monster

Style: Imperial IPA

ABV: 9.10%

Purchased at: On tap @Vintage Estate – Boardman OH

What makes this beer different: Not a ton but its a really good beer

Will I be drinking this again: Pretty rare but if I find it yes.

Grade: A-

5/19/2010: Does Great Lakes make a bad beer? I can’t think of one. With that said they don’t make anything “spectacular” either. I’ll bet the Barrel Aged Blackout Stout is amazing, but its also impossible to find unless you go to the brewery. Lake Erie Monster is pretty rare as well, but Phill out at Vintage Estate got some on tap somehow.

Lake Erie Monster is a bit sweeter smelling than most DIPAs. The hops are there but mostly fruity. The taste has a lot of sweet caramel/biscuity malt, with the fruity/citrus/grapefruit hops right behind. This is the type of ratio I like in a DIPA, about 60% malt, 40% hops. The mouthfeel is very creamy for an Imperial IPA, and hides the 9.1% VERY well. I wasn’t even thirsty but I took down the entire pint in about 10 minutes. I would have had another if I didn’t have to trek it back to Pittsburgh after.

Picture of the day: This has been around for awhile, but I haven’t seen it in a long time. When in doubt eat the evidence.

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Beer 191/365 – Oskar Blues Gubna

Style: Imperial IPA

ABV: 10.0%

Purchased at: House of 1000 Beers – New Kensington PA

What makes this beer different: Smells like Body Odor, tastes like onions.

Will I be drinking this again: Hell no

Grade: C-

5/18/2010: I have yet to be disappointed by any of Oskar Blue’s beers so far. Ten Fidy, Old Chub, Dale’s Pale Ale… all good stuff. Apparently Gubna is a beer you either love or hate. Kind of like bleu cheese; you either love it or hate it. Gubna only uses one type of hop (Summit), which is pretty atypical for any kind of IPA these days.

I crack it open, and honestly it smells like body odor. You know that smell that gets stuck to you anytime you eat anything with onion? That smell was present also. The taste was again, onion and garlic, and a little tiny bit of a normal hop flavor. Tons of malts made this very thick and goopy. I can appreciate a beer that tries to be different, but this was a bit painful getting down. I love onion and will eat it with almost anything, but I don’t want that flavor in my beer.

Picture of the day: Why So Serious?

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