Beer 287/365 – Left Hand Sawtooth Ale

Left Hand Sawtooth Ale

Style: Extra Special / Strong Bitter (ESB)

ABV: 5.3%

Purchased at: Firewaters – Atlantic City NJ

What makes this beer different: Had this weird barleywine type kick to it.

Will I be drinking this again: No

Grade: B-

8/22/2010: Today was my buddies bachelor party in Atlantic City. We showed up to firewater’s bar a little later than everyone around 1pm. Pretty cool little place with 50 taps, but the prices were not to friendly. I guess that is to be expected in a tourist town.

The nose on Saw Tooth is very mild, some caramel graininess. Really strong flavors for an ESB, biscuit, caramel, grainy, and a big bitter earthiness to it. This is by far the most bitter of any ESB I have ever tried, too bitter in my opinion. Average mouthfeel and carbonation. I will admit this isn’t my favorite style in the first place, but this beer was below average as well.

Picture of the day: Facebook status of the week. Punctuation is key.

Beer 64/365 – Left Hand Fade To Black

Style: Foreign / Export Stout

Purchased at: Sicilianos Market – Chicago IL

What makes this beer different: 8374 flavors in one beer

Will I be drinking this again: I should have bought more than one, might be hard to find now.

Grade: A

1/11/2010: I know I have been rating a lot of beers A- or higher lately, but thats only because I am going out of my way to buy REALLY good beer. Yes I am that guy who walks into the bottle-shop with an excel spreadsheet printed out. Also I want to clarify that most of my “grade” is based on taste. I would say its about 70% taste, 20% mouthfeel, and 10% smell. Honestly I could give a #$%@ what the beer looks like as long as the taste is there, what do you think I am vain? Now go make me a sammich.

So onto the beer. This stuff is super complex. Smells like sweet chocolate covered espresso beans, and tastes like a melted milk chocolate hershey bar and a light kick of coffee. It almost has a milk stout quality to it. There is no sign at all of the 8.5% ABV in this beer, it is hidden very well. This beer goes down way to easy. It reminds me a lot of Bells Double Cream, but more complex. If you are able to find this you should buy out the store and be sure to send me one… kthx.

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Beer 15 – Left Hand Deep Cover Brown Ale

Style: English Brown Ale

Purchased at: Vintage Estate

What makes this beer different: Nutty/Brown sugar flavor

Will I be drinking this again: Without a doubt

Grade: A

11/24/09: To date this is my favorite English brown ale. The only other two I have had are New Castle Brown Ale and Samuel Smith Nut Brown. This one is less hoppy than the Samuel Smith, and much smoother than the New Castle Brown. This beer goes down super easy, and has a nice nutty and brown sugar flavor.

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Beer 10 – Left Hand Milk Stout

Style: Milk Stout

Purchased at: Vintage Estate

What makes this beer different: Lacking taste for a milk stout

Will I be drinking this again: Probably not

Grade: B

11/18/09 This was my first beer from Left Hand and I was a little disappointed. Not a bad beer but there is really not too much taste to it for a stout. Also surprisingly it has a bit of an alcohol aftertaste for a milk stout (milk stouts are usually a bit smoother).

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