Beer 395/365 – Port Brewing Mongo IPA

Port Brewing Mongo IPA

Style: Imperial IPAABV: 8.5%

Purchased at: Sent in a trade

What makes this beer different: Lots of grapefruit/citrus character

Will I be drinking this again: Very good, but not worth trading for.

Grade: A

5/12/2011: My mom lately has become an estate sale junkie. I am a little bit afraid she might end up being featured on an episode of hoarders. Okay thats an exageration, but I do reap the benefits. Which brings me to my next point; the photo you see looks like is distorted, but its not. The glass is a super tall skinny pint glass that my mom bought me from an estate sale. I have a china closet full of beer glasses now, partially due to her estate sale purchases.

The nose is very fruity; orange peel, lemon, and strong grapefruit. This is one of the hoppier Double IPA’s that I have ever had, but thats okay because there are no signs of pine flavored hops (my least favorite flavor in beer). A lot of pale malt flavor, and even a bit of caramel. About average mouth-feel for the style, but the only place this beer is lacking is in hiding the alcohol. The alcohol shows itself a little tiny bit too much, but overall a really good beer.

Picture of the day: Now this is what I call Extreme Parenting.

Beer 363/365 – The Lost Abbey Red Poppy Ale

The Lost Abbey Red Poppy ale

Style: Flanders Oud Bruin

ABV: 5.5%

Purchased at: Sent in a trade.

What makes this beer different: Officially the most expensive beer per ounce I have had to date ($18.00 for 375ml)

Will I be drinking this again: Probably not, I really don’t see the hype behind this one.

Grade: B+

11/6/2010: I am officially off the Sour Beer Bandwagon. Barrel aged stouts, and sours of all styles have been the big thing lately in the craft beer world, but I just cannot appreciate the latter as much as other beer geeks do. I’m not going out of my way to purchase sour beers especially considering the price tag of this beer, and most other sours for that matter. That being said I can respect a sour beer, and I do enjoy drinking them, just not head over heels crazy about them like a lot of people are.

The nose of Red Poppy is semi-funky, sour cherries, and some woodiness. The flavor is tart, sour cherry, and almost vinegar like in a way. A little bit of oak flavor really helps give this beer some needed diversity away from the tart/sour aspect. Just like many of the other sour beers I have tried, this beer grows on you more as you drink it. The finish is very dry, and the mouthfeel is one of the highlights; silky, light and well carbonated. On the overall scale of craft beer this is above average, but its not worth the $18 for 375ml. I’m officially convinced I’m never going to truly appreciate sour beer. Yes I ranked this a B+, but a lot of that was rating it in regards to the style.

Picture of the day: Over 350lbs? Eat for free!

Beer 355/365 – Russian River Consecration

Russian River Consecration

Style: American Wild Ale

ABV: 10.0%

Purchased at: Kevin from Denver bought it for me at some store out there in the Hippy Hills.

What makes this beer different: Sour as hell! Kind of Wine-like as well.

Will I be drinking this again: Maybe, won’t go out of my way for it though.

Grade: B+

10/29/2010: Alright so this is my first time drinking a beer of this style, so I have no idea what to expect. I also might not be able to pick up all the exact nuances to this beer because of it being my first of this style. Russian River seems to be on the forefront of Wild Ale’s so hopefully this is a good one.

The nose is funky and sour, with a red wine like quality to it. The first sip can only be described as offensive. If I didn’t know ahead of time this beer was supposed to be so sour, I would have spit it out. Admittedly this grows on you as you drink it more and the beer coats your mouth. The flavors are sour cherry, red wine, tobacco, some oak, and towards the end of the second glass I am getting some sweet berries. Mouthfeel is slick, wine-like, and not very carbonated. The beer started off as a B-, and ended as an A once I got used to the flavor; therefore I am giving this a B+.

Picture of the day: The purple shirted eye-stabber.

Beer 351/365 – Russian River Damnation

Russian River Damnation

Style: Belgian Strong Pale Ale

ABV: 7.75%

Purchased at: Sent in a trade

What makes this beer different: Really spicy for the style.

Will I be drinking this again: Honestly I was pretty underwhelmed by this one, so probably not.

Grade: B

10/25/2010: Received this as an extra in a trade a few weeks back. The initial trade was for a bottle of Lost Abbey Deliverance, which sounds like its going to be amazing. Going to let it age a bit before cracking that bottle open though.

The nose is a little different than I expected, a bit funky, with some pepper and clove going on. The flavor isn’t too bad at first, slightly fruity, white wine type thing going on, with a little bit of spice. As you get to the bottom half of the bottle the spice/clove just takes over, and makes it a bit tough to take. Not sure if I got an over spiced batch, but the amount of pepper/clove really just throws the balance off in my opinion. Mouthfeel is medium, well carbonated, and finishes dry. Overall I was pretty disappointed in this one.

Picture of the day: Unemployment to-do checklist.

Beer 349/365 – North Coast Old Rasputin

North Coast Old Rasputin

Style: Russian Imperial Stout

ABV: 9.0%

Purchased at: Vintage Estate – Boardman OH

What makes this beer different: Probably the best bang for the buck as far as Imperial Stouts go.

Will I be drinking this again: Hell yeah, this one is a staple for me.

Grade: A

10/23/2010: Who doesn’t love an Old Raspy? I don’t know anyone who is a stout lover, who dislikes an Old Rasputin. It probably is the best tasting affordable big stout out there. I really wish I would have picked up some of the Old Rasputin XII way back in December when I made my first ever trip to Vintage Estate. My haul ended up costing me over $300 as it is soooo it was probably for the best that I didn’t buy any.

Chocolate is the headliner through and through in Old Raspy. The nose is full of sweet rich chocolate, and actually a little bit of hops as well. Which is odd because I usually can’t pick out hops in the nose of a beer. The flavor is a bunch of chocolate, a tiny bit of espresso flavor, some sweet caramel, and an over average amount of hops for an Imperial Stout. I’m willing to bet there is a little bit of lactose used in this as there is a milky kick I am getting. The mouthfeel is big and chewy like a giant milky way bar, but silky going down. Carbonation is a bit on the low end. Overally this is one of my favorites, and if you haven’t tried it you really need to.

Picture of the day: Pizza Ad Fail.

Beer 305/365 – North Coast Pranqster

North Coast Pranqster

Style: Belgian Strong Pale Ale

ABV: 7.6%

Purchased at: On Tap@Vintage Estate – Boardman OH

What makes this beer different: Pretty citrusy for a BSPA

Will I be drinking this again: Yes this was better than I thought it would be.

Grade: A-

9/9/2010: Ahh back to my happy place; Vintage Estate Wine and Beer in Boardman Ohio. Quite honestly I never knew what good beer was before finding this store. Then I ended up redoing their website, and becoming personal friends with the owner Phill. Its always nice to see when good/honest people end up running a successful business.

I’ve seen bottles of this a bunch over the years, but never tried it. The smell is a little bit citrusy, and not very funky like most BSPAs. The taste is really nice, almost a peachy type citrus, some clove, and a bit of a flowery kick. Moderately sweet, but not too much so. Carbonation and mouthfeel are both right in the middle for the style. Overall this was a very good drink, emptied my tulip a little quicker than I normally would for a Belgian Strong Pale. Thats how you know the beer is good.

Picture of the day: This is not safe for work, or is it? (Its not what it appears to be at first)

Beer 301/365 – Sierra Nevada Tumbler Autumn Brown Ale

Sierra Nevada Tumbler Autumn Brown Ale

Style: American Brown Ale

ABV: 5.5%

Purchased at: Vintage Estate – Boardman OH

What makes this beer different: A bit hoppy for a brown ale, but this is a good thing.

Will I be drinking this again: Probably, pretty unique beer in a style that is usually pretty tame.

Grade: B+

9/5/2010: I heard rumors that they were going to stop making Tumbler, anyone know if this is true? It seems like a lot of the bigger craft breweries are moving away from the brown ale style all together. Goose Island just recently announced that they are no longer going to bottle their nut brown ale. I guess their time is better spent brewing the “big beers” that have been the fad lately.

Very strong toffee aromas in the nose. The flavor follows the nose, lots of toffee, semi-woody, some earthiness there, and a quick punch of hop bitterness at the end. Lots of flavors for a beer that is only 5.5%. Mouthfeel is right about average, and a bit under carbonated. Overall I like this beer a lot, but nothing super special about Tumbler to bump it into the A- range.

Picture of the day: Good thing you took the time to make this bed for your cat.

Beer 298/365 – Moylan’s Kilt Lifter Scottish Ale

Moylans Kilt Lifter Scottish Ale

Style: Wee Heavy / Scottish Ale

ABV: 8.0%

Purchased at: D’s Six Pack – Monroeville PA

What makes this beer different: Alcohol is very well hidden for 8%ABV

Will I be drinking this again: Possibly, depends what my other choices are.

Grade: B+

9/2/2010: I went to visit my buddy to see his baby today. He lives about a half hour east of the city near one of the places that introduced me to craft beer; D’s Six Packs. I stopped in and they still have a pretty good variety, but the thing about this place is their prices have always been some of the best in Pittsburgh.

Kilt Lifter has a really strong nose, caramel malts, earthy, almost a bourbon kick? and overall just very sweet. The flavor like most Scottish ales is mostly caramel/toffee, with some brown sugar, and a bourbony kick. The flavor is really sweet but not too much so, but one thing that knocks this down a peg is the mouthfeel as its a bit lighter for the style. Which is odd because even though the mouthfeel is light, the ABV is hidden very very well.

Picture of the day: Super Mario 3 was my favorite video game growing up so I had to post this one.

Beer 290/365 – Sierra Nevada Torpedo IPA

Sierra Nevada Torpedo IPA

Style: American IPA

ABV: 7.2%

Purchased at: Vintage Estate – Boardman OH

What makes this beer different: I usually am not much for how a beer looks, but this is a tasty looking beer.

Will I be drinking this again: Maybe, a little bit on the bitter end for me but it was good.

Grade: B+

8/25/2010: Been wanting to try Torpedo for a while now, but just recently got around to buying a fresh one. I surprisingly have not had the Pale Ale in my prior 289 beers yet, maybe I should pick that up on my next beer run?

Torpedo has a very unique smell to it, citrus, grapefuit, and .. dirt? Not sure how to explain the smell I am getting. The flavor has all kinds of stuff going on, toasted malt, slightly herbal, citrus hops, and a little bit of pine. One sip I love the mix, the next I’m not so sure. That exchange continues until about halfway through the beer, then it really starts to meld together well. The mouthfeel is semi-creamy for the style, and not “sharp” like some IPAs. Overall very good, and pretty unique for an American IPA.

Picture of the day: What it was like being drunk at 18.

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Beer 282/365 – Lagunitas Little Sumpin’ Sumpin’ Ale

Lagunitas Little Sumpin  Sumpin Ale

Style: American Pale Wheat Ale

ABV: 7.3%

Purchased at: Vintage Estate – Boardman OH

What makes this beer different: A bit strong for a APWA, but this is a welcome change.

Will I be drinking this again: Yes, this is now one of mt favorite summer beers.

Grade: A

8/17/2010: American Pale Wheat Ale was a style I have never even heard of before starting this blog, but I am glad I decided to try a few brews from this style. It is quickly becoming my favorite style of beer for the summer. If you gave me a mix of this beer, Raging Bitch, and Gumball Head for the summer I think I would be a happy camper. Thanks to reader Chris for suggesting this beer to me.

Little Sumpin Sumpin doesn’t have any sign of wheat in the nose, its pretty much all about hops. The flavor is similar to the smell, tons of juicy hop flavor without being too bitter. Lots of citrus/grapefruit like flavors, with only a little bit of a hint of wheat. A year ago I would have hated a beer with this type of flavor profile, but I am really starting to appreciate the flavor a good batch of hops can gives to a brew. Mouthfeel is pretty creamy for the style, and very well carbonated. Pleasantly surprised by this one.

Picture of the day: Texas Sized