Beer 399/365 – Founders Canadian Breakfast Stout

Founders Canadian Breakfast Stout

Style: Imperial Stout

ABV: 10.5%

Purchased at: Smokin Joe’s – Pittsburgh, PA

What makes this beer different: The maple. I love beers with bourbon, I love beers with maple. Therefore I LOVE this beer.

Will I be drinking this again: Yes I was lucky enough to land one bottle at Smokin Joe’s (for $35 ugh)

Grade: A+

10/25/2011: This beer was on my most wanted list, and I heard rumors that Smokin Joe’s in the South Side of Pittsburgh was getting a case. I got lucky with some insider info on when the beer arrived. By the time I got there, they were already down to 7 bottles left. They also had a sixtel of it so I got to try it on tap.

The smell is amazing, bourbon is at the forefront, coffee, some oak, and chocolate. The maple is very subtle in the nose. The flavor is amazing. Maple is much more prominent in the taste, and it does a great job of mellowing out the would-be harshness of the bourbon. Chocolate, bourbon, molasses, coffee, vanilla… So many subtle flavors going on. Seems to be a slightly different taste every sip. This beer does have some similarities to KBS, but CBS is much more drinkable in my opinion. I had a hard time not drinking this entire beer within 10 minutes. I won’t say this is the best beer I have ever had, but it is without a doubt top 3. If you are lucky enough to stumble across some of this, buy as much as you can.

Picture of the day: Stove top not working?

Beer 307/365 – Founders Nemesis (2009)

Founders Nemesis 2009

Style: Wheatwine

ABV: 12.0%

Purchased at: Vintage Estate – Boardman OH

What makes this beer different: Very unique, and very strong (but delicious)

Will I be drinking this again: Yes! I still have 3 more sitting in my basement.

Grade: A

9/11/2010: I sampled Founder’s Nemesis way back in March, and LOVED it then. Basically any beer that has maple in it I’m am sure to at least like a little bit. It seems like any of the small run beers that Founder’s produces, always end up being top notch (Nemesis, KBS, CSB, Black Biscuit etc). They even had this honey wheat that I tried when I visited back in January, and it was phenomenal.

Wheatwine is a completely new style for me, so I’m not quite sure what to expect. The smell is boozy as all hell, with some maple/caramel notes. I don’t know how to explain it, but the first sip almost had no flavor. I probably needed to let it warm a bit so I set it aside for about 15 minutes. Yup that was the problem, now there is a ton of flavor. Its pretty crazy how a few degrees in temperature can make a world of difference as far as flavors go. Lots of toffee and maple, a little woody, with a little afterkick of vanilla. The alcohol lets you know its there, without totally stabbing you in the throat. Mouthfeel was very unique and what I would call fluffy/creamy. If you were lucky enough to get your hands on some of this, crack one open now as it is drinking nicely already.

Picture of the day: Now this is what I call false advertising.

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Beer 101/365 – Founder’s Imperial Stout

Style: Imperial Stout

Purchased at: Vintage Estate – Boardman Ohio

What makes this beer different: Very well rounded beer.

Will I be drinking this again: For sure

Grade: A-

2/17/2010: So truth be told, I drank this for the first time on Wednesday, took a picture, and now on Saturday I am ready to do my once every other or every three day update, and I realize my camera for whatever reason did not save the picture to my sd card. So whats the only logical thing to do? Go out and buy the beer again so I get an actual picture. Plus I get to drink this awesome beer again! Dedication people, dedication.

It’s starting to sink in that founder’s really knows what the hell they are doing. I really wish when we visited the brewery that they wouldn’t have been so busy so I could have tried more beer (tried a honey wheat which was awesome). This beer pours out super thick, and smells mostly of roast and chocolate. Taste is a lot of bittersweet chocolate, roasted malt, and a bit of coffee. Mouthfeel is a it heavier than an average imperial stout, but not even close to some of the heaviest I have had. Overall a very solid beer, and hides the 10.5% alcohol very very well.

Funny Picture of the day: Remember back in the Aol days when chatrooms weren’t weird? Does anyone else even remember AOL chat rooms? hah.

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Beer 91/365 – Founder’s Double Trouble

Style: Imperial IPA

Purchased at: Regional Food and Drink – Washington DC

What makes this beer different: One of the hoppiest beers I have had yet.

Will I be drinking this again: Probably not

Grade: B

2/07/2010: We went to Regional Food and Beverage before the Pens/Caps game Sunday, and we literally saw people with cross country skis on hoofing around the city. First time I have ever witnessed skiing inside a city in my life. Anyways back to the bar. Very cool place with a ton of beer on tap. They had Brooklyn Cookie Jar Porter listed as one of their beers on tap so I was pretty pumped to try that, but of course we order it and she comes back telling us they just ran out earlier that morning. Argh.

So lately I have actually been enjoying imperial IPA’s, but Double Trouble was a little too intense for me at 86IBU. The smell was flowery, and some tropical fruit. The taste was all hops, and not a lot of malt to balance it out. I can take a ton of hops but for me it needs a malt backbone to stand on. Moutheel was thick and sappy, and almost had a weird resin ganja like feel to it (odd I know but thats the only way I can describe it). Props for hiding the 9.4% ABV, but overall just too much hop smacking you in the mouth for my tastes.

Funny Picture of the day: Those vegans take the fun out of everything.

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