Beer 365/365 – Cigar City Hunahpu’s Imperial Stout

Cigar City Hunahpus Imperial Stout

Style: Imperial Stout

ABV: 11.5%

Purchased at: I traded for it, but can’t even remember who I got it from?

What makes this beer different: The touch of chile really cuts through the sweetness.

Will I be drinking this again: Would love to get my hands on another bottle.

Grade: A+

11/8/2010: So here I am, at the finish line. It is kind of bittersweet… I feel a sense of accomplishment that I made it through an entire year of this, but I am also a bit sad that this is ending. Well technically this is not ending, I’m just going to take a week or so away from drinking beer all together then I am going to update 2-3 new beers a week. Sometime in the next few days I am going to post up an entire recap of my experience, as well as my personal top 10. So keep reading because I am still going to keep updating the site, just not quite as often.

Figured I would dip into my big stouts in the basement for my last beer. I was at a big stout tasting over the summer, and this was the hands down favorite for the group out of 25-30 other imperial stouts. The nose is a lot of sweet chocolate, and you do get a little bit of a chili powder smell. The first thing you notice after sipping the beer is its mouthfeel, most creamy and perfect mouthfeel of any beer I have ever had. Even though it is creamy, its not super heavy/gloopy for an Imperial Stout which made polishing off this whole bottle by myself a lot easier than I thought. The flavor of sweet chocolate and a bit of heat from the chili is really a great combo, they both keep each other in check. While chocolate/chili are the main flavors, there is also a bit of dark fruit, smoke, vanilla, and a tobacco kick (maybe a play on the name Cigar City?). Excellent combination of flavors. This beer is without a doubt in my top 3 beers for the year. Now its time to round up all my A+ beers and decide which ones were my favorite. Again I am going to keep updating the site, but only 2-3 times per week instead of every day. Stay tuned!!

Picture of the day: A map of the world as it really is.

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  1. Congrats on finishing this!!!

    I too have started my quest,, for a beer a day for 365 days. I got my inspiration for this from your site.

    Do you have any tips or suggestions…seems like it may be hard to keep it going.

    Great job again!!!

    Thanks for any advice you may have.

    • Bob.. Good luck! I like the layout of your site. Hopefully you saw my tips on BeerAdvocate. I will be checking your site from time to time to be sure.

      • Thanks!!! I was wondering if you could add me to your Blogroll. I have added your site to mine.

        Thanks again for the tips up on BA!!!!

        • You got it! And no problem on the tips. You are doing great so far.

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