365beers Recap & Top Ten List

11/19/2010: This blog has been the most exhausting yet gratifying thing I have ever been through. Drinking and acquiring all the good beer was the easy part, but actually updating the site proved to be a bit daunting at times. In the end it was all worth it, tried almost 80 styles of beer, drank some amazing beer from all over the world, made some great business connections, got a lot of great publicity from some high profile people/breweries, and made some friends along the way as a result of creating this website. I never could have imagined when I thought this idea up that I would get 56,000+ page views in just under a year. Thanks to everyone for reading and commenting, as that is what really motivated me to stick with it. After I gained about 15 lbs I almost decided to call it quits, but thank God for p90x as it helped me lose that weight plus 5 more (side note if you are looking to get back into shape, p90x IS the real deal). Keep in mind I am going to keep the site up and running, just going to update about half as much. So keep reading! I hope you all have enjoyed reading as much as I have maintaining it.

Below is a list of my top ten from the year. No surprise that five of them are Imperial Stouts, one Quad, one Belgian Strong Dark, one Double IPA, one Rye Ale, and an English Barleywine. Let me know your personal thoughts on any of the beers in my list. Agree Disagree?

10: J.W. Lees Vintage Harvest Ale 2001

Such a unique sweet toffee like flavor. Wish it was a bigger bottle though!

Click the link below for the rest of the top 10!


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