Beer 236/365 – Cigar City’s 110k +OT Batch 3

cigar city 110k OT

Style: Imperial IPA

ABV: 10.0%

Purchased at: Sent to me by mike @bonbeer

What makes this beer different: This beer to be was completely miscategorized. Delicious but not an Imperial Ipa.

Will I be drinking this again: Yes it was awesome, would love to find a bottle to age.

Grade: A

7/2/2010: Thanks so much to Mike and Ruth for sending this to me in a special little care package. I am helping them redo their website, and they sent me a little inspiration. I got this bottle along with a Black Albert and a 2008 Surly Darkness among others. They run a travel agency that specilizes in cuystomized beer tours in Belgium, and other locations around the world. Check out their current site here.

The pour came out thick as all hell for an Imperial IPA. As you can see the color is a bit different for an Imperial also. The smell isn’t hoppy at all? Lots of sweet buttery malt, and actually it smells a bit like dark fruits? The taste really took me by surprise. Tasted nothing like any DIPA I have had before. Heavy and malty, with a little bit of hops. It almost had a Belgian quality to the mouthfeel, maybe some sort of Belgian yeast was used? This beer actually hit me way more as a barleywine than it did anything else. Mouthfeel was VERY thick and oily but in a good way. The flavor was full of citrus fruits and sweet buttery caramel hops. You can literally see the oil filming up on the side of the glass. Okay I am rambling now, just do yourself a favor and find a bottle of this because its awesome. Don’t rush to drink it either, because really this is a barleywine IMO.

Picture of the day: Teachers 50 years ago compared to today.

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