Beer 73/365 – Victory Old Horizontal

Style: American Barleywine

Purchased at: Tony @ Vision

What makes this beer different: Holy mother of Moses is this stuff strong

Will I be drinking this again: I might have to refine my palette a bit before coming back to this one

Grade: B

1/20/2010: No this picture was not taken crooked on purpose, its just after I smelled the beer I had a hard time staying vertical. The name of this beer is VERY appropriate, because you if you have a few of these you will end up horizontal with your face in the gutter. I made the mistake of drinking this one on an empty stomach, and about 1/3 of the way down I could feel it. After I drank the whole thing I won’t lie I was buzzed pretty good.

The smell is caramely and “grainy”. Alcohol attacks your face right from the start… Man this stuff is strong. The alcohol just doesn’t integrate very well to me. I have had other barleywines in the past and I don’t remember them being this strong. The flavor’s I do get behind the alcohol is mostly caramel malt, and a little bit of cherry. A bit of hops in the background but there needs to be more to balance the alcohol. Mouthfeel is actually pretty nice, very creamy. Overall if they would add some more hops, and mask the alcohol just a litttttleeee bit, then I would have enjoyed it a lot more.

Funny Picture of the day: Who is in the mood for a little Subway?.

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