Beer 369/365 – Foothill’s Sexual Chocolate Stout

Foothills Sexual Chocolate Stout

Style: Imperial Stout

ABV: 9.75%

Purchased at: Traded for it

What makes this beer different: One of the coolest beer labels ever.

Will I be drinking this again: I must try another one, you will see why below.

Grade: C+

12/13/2010: I have about 10 beer photos edited to update for the site. I just need to stop being lazy and type up some posts. Still drinking about 3 new beers a week, just haven’t had time to update. I plan on getting a few this week for sure though, so stay tuned.

The nose was.. a bit cherryish (oh no), and some roast. The flavor was NOT chocolaty at all, and unfortunately this must be infected. Lots of that sour cherry flavor, with some dark malt. I had sampled Sexual Chocolate at a tasting a few months back, and remember it tasting much better than this. Thankfully the infection wasn’t so bad that I couldn’t drink the entire beer, but still no chocolate to be found. I hadn’t heard anything about Sexual Chocolate being infected, but after a search on BA it turns out there were a handful of other people who experienced the same thing (Oddly enough I can’t find that thread for the life of me now). For some reason it seems like stouts are the most affected by infections, wonder why that is? Maybe brewers should just come out with an American Wild Stout style, and call it a day.

Picture of the day: This has happened to me more than a few times. Damn you Call of Duty.

Beer 227/365 – Highland’s Black Mocha Stout

Style: American Stout

ABV: 5.6%

Purchased at: Sent as an extra in a trade.

What makes this beer different: Not too much, just a solid drinkable stout.

Will I be drinking this again: I still have two left, so at some point yes.

Grade: B+

6/23/2010: This is my first beer from the great state of North Carolina. Okay honestly I’m not sure if its a great state, because I have never been there other than driving through it. But I do know Sexual Chocolate Stout is made there, and I have a trade in the works to pick up a bottle. I am on a mission to try and get every imperial stout on the top 100 (within reason).

Black Mocha Stout smells as advertised; A good bit of coffee and a good bit of chocolate. Also I am getting some hops, which is odd because I usually am not able to pick hops in up stouts. This beer has a lot of flavor for a standard stout. Almost an even split between chocolate and roasted coffee, with some nice bitter hops to even it out. This is one of the first brews I have had that the smell almost matched the taste exactly. My taste buds are usually good at picking stuff up, but not so much on the nasal end of things. Medium bodied but a little low on the carbonation.

Picture of the day: Lazy or Awesome?

Beer 212/365 – Duck-Rabbit Milk Stout

Style: Milk Stout

ABV: 5.7%

Purchased at: An extra in trade

What makes this beer different: So sweet, tastes like a good ice cream float.

Will I be drinking this again: Yes, this is hands down my favorite milk stout.

Grade: A

6/8/2010: I was pretty pumped to see this as an extra in a trade I did recently. I haven’t had one in a couple years and it is no question my favorite milk-stout. This was a huge added bonus considering I traded a growler of East End Monkey-Boy for a Hunahpu. Been trying to trade for one for a long time now. Now if I can only get my hands on a Sexual Chocolate, Darkness, and Kate the Great, I will have all the “big stouts” from my most wanted list.

This beer smells like a milkshake, and tastes like a creamy ice cream float. The taste is sugary sweet, chocolate, a bit of vanilla and finished off milky. Mouthfeel is a very frothy, creamy, and honestly if you close your eyes it feels like warm milk on the tongue. This beer is super drinkable for a stout. I think I might need to pick up a case of this sometime in the near future.

Picture of the day: What its like to own an apple product.