Beer 113/365 – Short’s Brew Good Humans

Style: American Brown Ale

Purchased at: Siciliano’s Market – Grand Rapids MI

What makes this beer different: A war between hops and sweet

Will I be drinking this again: If it was readily accessible hell yes

Grade: A-

3/1/2010: I recently picked up a light box for super super cheap from, figured it would be fun to mess with for taking beer pictures. So the next dozen or so pictures will probably be with a plain white background until I get sick of the light box haha.

Onto the beer. Its a damn shame short’s doesn’t distribute farther because they make some really good beer. The beer starts of very hoppy for a brown ale, but with some malt in the background. Midway through it was pretty even with malt/hops, and by the end the sweet malt completely took over. It was a war between sweet malt and citrus hops, with malt coming out on top. The difference in taste between the first and last tastes were huge. If I would have took those two sips seperately I would have thought it was a completely different beer. There was also some traces of brown sugar and coffee. The mouthfeel was very syrupy, almost too syrupy for me. That says a lot since I like sweet beer. Overall a very original flavor for a brown ale, just wish it wasn’t SO sweet at the end.

Picture of the day: This isn’t so much funny, but something from my childhood. Anyone remember Ecto-Cooler?

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