Captured all 4 Aged Yeti’s… Now what?

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Any stout lover surely has tried the regular Great Divide Yeti as I have, but I have not yet tried ANY of the Barrel Aged Yeti’s. I managed to somehow round up all four of these supposed mythical Sasquatch beers. Had to travel to places way outside of Pennsylvania to find these beasts. Now the question is, how to drink them? Obviously I can’t drink all of these myself in one night, but would you do all 4 in one night with a few friends? One a night for four nights? If so in what order? Try the regular yeti first then move on up? What would you do if you had all four? Give me some feedback in the comments below people!

Sidenote, Does anyone know what the 2005 vs 2009 label looks like for the chocolate yeti? Jared from BA bought this for me and told me the guy at the store claimed it was an 05, but the 5 can kind of looks like a 9 to me.. What do you think?

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