Updates will be every Monday and Thursday

Okay so I realize I have been completely slacking since I ended the official 365 beers, but I decided I want to be a little more consistent. So now I will update every Monday and Thursday with a new beer. I have about 30 beers with photos and notes that have not been updated, but just haven’t had time to update. I actually put a little reminder on my calendar on my phone to update every Monday/Thursday so you will be sure to see something on both days.

In the mean time, have you been drinking anything new and interesting? I am looking to try something new and would like some suggestions.


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  1. Actually, i would like a post about your photography techniques, 378, 380, 382 were all great shots. Always looking to learn here, hell if you drink a great beer at the same time ten its a win-win really!!

    • Hi Paul sorry for taking so long to get back to you. Thanks for the compliment. What type of camera are you using? You will want to have that camera at full zoom, and have an equal distance from your subject and camera, as you do from the background. ie: If the camera is 10 feet away from the beer, have the beer at least 7-8 feet from the wall. This way you get some nice DOF. Also setting the f level (if your camera has this) to the lowest number possible really helps get the blurred background look.

      Oh and all my backgrounds are usually just my dining room walls hah.

      • I shoot with a Nikon D5000, recently i have been using a light box i self constructed with teh interwebs help, i posted on its construction back in late January/early feb.
        I dont think i have ‘f level’ unless its called something else on mine, what might it technically be called?? The blurred background is great effect.

  2. Thats very open minded of you and maybe even a little kinky.
    Do you have a safe word picked out?
    Nice to see you posting again.

    • oops. apologies for that weird comment. thought it was another blog. keep on posting!

  3. Glad to hear more regular postings coming. I think you need a schedule to whip you into posting. Glad to see the posts continuing though.

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