Beer 375/365 – Great Lakes Pumpkin Ale

Great Lakes Pumpkin Ale

Style: Pumpkin Ale

ABV: 5.5%

Purchased at: My house mate Dave brought me this back from Canada

What makes this beer different: Very spicey.

Will I be drinking this again: Not sure i would be able to find any more vintage bigfoot’s but I would love to try another.

Grade: B-

1/7/2011: I am sure some of you are scratching your head saying “Wait I didn’t realize that Great Lake’s brewed a Pumpkin Beer!” Well the Great Lake’s Brewery you are thinking of does not. This Great Lakes brewery is actually in Ontario Canada.

The nose has a lot of all spice, with some pumpkin as well. The flavor is okay at first, but grows a bit old towards the end. All spice is the main character, with some pumpkin, and an odd hop bitterness that just doesn’t sit right with me. Light bodied and finishes a bit dry. Overall it was drinkable, but a little too bitter.

Picture of the day: As a web designer I can empathize with this. I hate comic sans.

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  1. Hi,
    I’m a fan of pumpkin beer. I stocked them up during last fall season, but i am all out of it. Do you know where I can get (or order online) some pumpkin beer? I’ve googled them but they only have receipes of brewing them. I’ve never brewed beer before so I’d rather buy them online.
    your advice is greatly appreciated.

    • H,

      Unfortunately you are going to have a pretty hard time tracking down pumpkin beers as they are a bit out of season. I would suggest using the Beer Places page on Beer Advocate to search for some 6 pack shops near you, and call them to see if they have anything leftover from the fall.

      Good Luck!

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