Beer 353/365 – Fantome Saison

Fantome Saison

Style: Saison

ABV: 8.0%

Purchased at: House of 1000 Beers – New Kensington, Pa

What makes this beer different: Best Saison I have ever tried (Although I have not had that many)

Will I be drinking this again: Would love to, but at $14 a bottle its a bit steep.

Grade: A

10/27/2010: I bought this almost a year ago when I was first really getting into the craft beer scene. I didn’t know much about Saison’s at that point, but knew Fantome was one of the best out there. I was surprised that House of 1000 beers had it, as most Pittsburgh bottle shops don’t carry it. If you live in the Pittsburgh area you should definitely check this place out. They have a lot of stuff most pgh places don’t get. Figured this was a good time to drink it considering Halloween is just around the corner.

Lemon is the main smell I am getting in the aroma, musty, and some spice. The flavor is super complex, but really good. Lemon sour patch kids, floral, yeasty, spicy, zesty. All of the flavors blend well together, but not one of them is too dominant which makes this amazingly drinkable. No sign at all of the 8% ABV. Mouthfeel is creamy, medium body and nice carbonation. If this were $10 a bottle I would buy a ton of it, but the price tag is a little steep.

Picture of the day: If it weren’t for CNN.

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  1. I found this beer about 3 years ago and fell in love instantly, liquid gold! Fantome releases a Saison for every season with the Spring and Summer saisons being the best. Don’t bother with their Noel or Winter saison, you’ll be disappointed. glad you liked this one!

    • Damn that sucks because I have a Noel in the basement. I see some various Fantomes when I go to VE, but dont know enough about the others to spend $15 a bottle on it.

  2. Yes good review. I drunk this on tap at the brewery in the summer. I got a cottage 10 minute drive away. Seriously good kit indeed.

  3. Fantom is the best brewery for this kinda of style, i’m from Italy, Milano and for me is very easy to go in Belgium for to drink amazing bear… you have to try BobBon and fleur du bomal, in the last one Prignon ( the brewer) added some Oregano and the bear is soo good man.

    I like a lot your web site,I have too a web site about beers
    we can keep in touch!!

    have a nice day.
    more beers for everyone

    • Thanks for the comments Samuel. I would like to say you have a nice website but I can only read english haha. I wish I could get my hands on the beers you are talking about, but I am reasonably sure they don’t make it to the states 😦

  4. i am very sorry about bear 🙂 i’m half Canadian!!

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