Beer 326/365 – Mill Street Lemon Tea Beer

Mill Street Lemon Tea Beer

Style: Herbed / Spiced beer

ABV: 4.90%

Purchased at: Dave brought it back from Canada

What makes this beer different: It really tastes like Tea! Not too much though.

Will I be drinking this again: Would love to next summer.

Grade: B+

9/30/2010: I had my roommate Dave stop by a six pack shop to grab me some brew while he was on a business trip in Canada a few weeks back. I have never heard of this beer, but it sounded interesting so I had him pick me up one.

The nose really comes off with a lot of fresh brewed tea, with a splash of lemon. The flavor was a lot better than I expected, an even split between wheat flavor, and fresh brewed hot tea. Yes a little bit of tart lemon is there as well. I was afraid the tea would be way overdone, but I think this is a perfect amount. Mouthfeel is light with nice carbonation. This would be an awesome beer to have a six pack of on a hot summer day.

Picture of the day: How to spot a douchebag.

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