Beer 303/365 – Voodoo White Magick of the Sun

Voodoo White Magick of the Sun

Style: Witbier

ABV: 6.75%

Purchased at: I don’t even remember? Giant Eagle Market District probably.

What makes this beer different: One of the spiciest beers I have ever had.

Will I be drinking this again: Maybe? With a pepper steak it would be good.

Grade: B

9/7/2010: Western PA (Pittsburgh area) doesn’t have quite as strong a craft beer presence as Eastern, PA (Philly area), but Voodoo does a great job representing this side of the state. Their Big Black Voodoo Daddy is one of my favorite stouts. They also have a barrel aged stout called Black Magick that is only released every 2 years, and it just so happens this December it is being released. I will be sure to buy out any store I end up seeing them at.

Check out all the sediment in the picture above. I even tried to pour is slowly, but still a ton of gunk came out. The smell is unexpectedly spicy. The taste is as well, a HUGE black peppercorn presence, with a tiny bit of orange zest. But make no mistake, this beer is overwhelmingly peppery, so much so that even 15 minutes after finishing the beer I still tasted pepper. Very carbonated and average mouthfeel. I think if I would have had this beer paired with some strips on the grill, I would have enjoyed it much more.

Picture of the day: And you wonder why you are still single.

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