Beer 262/365 – Great Divide Chocolate Oak Aged Yeti

Great Divide Chocolate Yeti

Style: Imperial Stout

ABV: 9.5%

Purchased at: On tap@Fatheads – Pittsburgh PA

What makes this beer different: First stout that I could actually taste chili’s in. But it works well!

Will I be drinking this again: Yes I have a couple aging in the basement.

Grade: A

7/28/2010: Earlier this year I made a post asking for feedback on how to sample all four aged yeti’s, but up until today I have yet to try any of them. I also wanted an excuse to go to fatheads to try their headhunter IPA, which was also amazing. I will go back down to drink it on its own soon so I can do a detailed review on it.

Chocolate Yeti is a very complex beer. The smell is full of roasted malt, and some bitter chocolate. The flavor starts with bitter bitter chocolate, sweet vanilla, some woody oak, and finishes off with a little bit of dry chili pepper flavor. Its a roller coaster of flavors with crazy twists and turns, but when the ride is over you are really glad you were on board. Medium mouthfeel, with only a little bit of carbonation. This really makes me want to crack open the other three yetis sometime soon (espresso, oak, and barrel aged). Try this beer if you get the chance!

Picture of the day: Best cubicle ever.

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