Beer 253/365 – Troubadour Obscura

troubadour obscura

Style: Belgian Strong Dark Ale

ABV: 8.2%

Purchased at: The Sharp Edge Brasserie – McMurray PA

What makes this beer different: A very fruity and mild stout

Will I be drinking this again: Yes it is a pretty unique beer.

Grade: A-

7/19/2010: Its been a while since I have had a good Belgian beer, so I decided it was time I stopped by The Sharp Edge. They are known for having the best selection of Belgian beer in Pittsburgh hands down. They also have a pretty nice happy hour; half price Belgian drafts from 4:30-6:30. The beer still ends up being $4-$5 per draft, which I guess isn’t terrible for Pittsburgh as far as pricing goes. A little bit of a side-note, why isn’t Belgian Stout a category on Beer Advocate?

Troubadour Obscura is a chameleon of a beer. It starts off drinking like a stout, and finishes with some Belgian dark characteristics. The smell is sweet chocolate, and some dark fruit, figs maybe? The flavor is bitter roasted chocolate at the start, and dark spicy fruitiness by the end. The flavors are very subtle, but work very well together. The body is very light, and it has the nice bubbly mouthfeel usually associated with a Belgian. Overall this beer is very unique, and an easy tasty drink.

Picture of the day: I dont see the resemblance.

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