Beer 217/365 – Bear Republic Racer 5 IPA

Style: American IPA

ABV: 7.0%

Purchased at: Vintage Estate – Boardman OH

What makes this beer different: Not much really, but it was a pretty damn good beer.

Will I be drinking this again: I would love to try it fresh on tap sometime.

Grade: A-

6/13/2010: I figure its summer time so I might as well get around to trying some new IPA’s instead of sticking with my go-to stouts. I never thought the style would be something I would like, but alas it is growing on me. Although I still prefer an Imperial IPA.

Racer 5 is my kind of IPA, it almost pushes the the lower line of an Imperial IPA. The smell is hoppy (citrus, and a little earthy), and sweet (pale malt). The flavor reminds me a lot of a Bell’s Two Hearted, with a bit of an earthy kick. Citrus hops are the headliner, with pale malt playing a nice supporting role. The mouthfeel is buttery, almost “slippery” in a way. Overall for an IPA I would say this ranks in my top 20% for the style.

Picture of the day: Whats more boring to watch on TV? Nascar or Soccer?

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  1. This is one of my favorite IPAs out there. Super smooth drinking beer. If I want a great WC IPA, I go to this or Green Flash. Good stuff.

    • Nice I have never tried a Green Flash. I will have to pick one up next time I’m at Vintage Estate

  2. I agree this is a great IPA. The only on-tap location I know of is Liberty in downtown Greenville, SC. Had it on my work trip last week. Could barely make out the red #5 tap handle, but still blurted out “holy crap #5 on tap!” Server said it was quite popular.

    • Hahah that would be a good tag line for the beer. “Holy crap #5 on tap!”

  3. My favorite beer. I feel bad for ipa lovers who don’t live in Northern California, where racer is pretty easy to find. Of course, I have it on tap in my kitchen so it’s real easy for me. Someone above mentioned the green flash which is one of many good ipas from the San Diego area– stone ipa and alesmith ipa are also great if you can find them! (Stone is much more common…)

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