365 On Vacation!

So I had plans to update my site from the beach, but genius over here forgot to bring his laptop. I have all my pictures edited and ready to go, but they are back in Pittsburgh while I am in Ocean City Maryland.

I guess as a teaser, a couple of the beers I have yet to update; Sam Adams Lager, some Kona Beers, Surly Abrasive etc.

I will be away until early Monday, but I might update out of order with some pictures that I have on my camera from the last couple days. No promises though! Until then crack open a beer and kick back for a few days.


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  1. If you have a Billy Budd at the DFH brewpub, please post if you have time…enjoy your vacation!

    • Thanks Ben. I would love to try that stuff. I remember reading about it and I actually figured out the exact ratio of all three beers to make the billy budd. My buddy had it last week and said it was really really good.

  2. Enjoy OCMD, I will be down there next week or I would meet you out for a beer. Hit up Liquid Assests, they usually have the best (yet small) selection in OC)

    • Nice dude thanks for the heads up. Any idea if they sell singles? I’m trying to find a singles shop around here. I actually lived in OC in summers of 2004 and 2007, but wasn’t as in to craft beer at the time.

  3. LA is a bar and I am sure they sell singles or sixers to go. Can’t remember any good beer stores. Also look into Evolution Brewing just out he road

    • I actually ended up stopping by Fagers and they have Evo Pale Ale, ESB, and Porter.. all were very solid. I was very impressed.

      I also stopped at Green Room on 50… wasnt impressed with the selection

  4. Hey, get back to work!!!! No vacations allowed until you finish the 365, you have fans to worry about!! Now what am I going to read in the morning?

    It’s bad enough the Flyers are down 3 games to 2, now what, no more beers!!

    Anyway, have fun, I guess I can wait a few more days, but I’m Jonesing.


    • Wait you are a flyers fan!? uh oh! haha…

      I had plans on updating from the beach but I forgot my laptop. Arghhhh.

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