Beer 198/365 – Brasserie d’Achouffe La Chouffe

Style: Belgian Strong Pale Ale

ABV: 8.0%

Purchased at: On Tap @Vintage Estate – Boardman Ohio

What makes this beer different: Yeasty and Fruity

Will I be drinking this again: Yes

Grade: A

5/25/2010: La Chouffe was actually my second beer of the night, my first was a KBS. KBS on tap is pretty damn amazing. I was a fan of it in a bottle, but it really took on all kinds of new flavors on tap. Had to make the 45 minute trip to try it since its not everyday a local bar gets a beer like KBS on tap.

I tried La Chouffe a few years back before I really appreciated beer like I do now, and I remember it being good. It smells very fruity, with some honey. The taste is malty, fruity, and some nice hops in the background. I’ll be honest in saying I can’t pick out the fruits exactly, but there is a lot going on here; maybe pear being the most dominant? Crisp and sweet up front and it finishes slightly sour, very interesting mix here. Mouthfeel is a little bigger than average, with moderate carbonation. The mix of all the fruit flavors is very unique, and its very well done. Therefore it gets the first A from me in a long time.

Picture of the day: Ozzie Guillen might be my favorite person ever now. Check out what he wrote on this ball for a Cleveland Indian’s fan.

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  1. One of my favorite beers.

  2. Drew-Love the blog (and this beer). Your pictures on here are great. I was wondering if you’d be willing to share any tips on how to photograph beer and beer bottles. I’ve got a collection that I’ve been wanting to photograph but can never get the lighting right. Feel fee to email at the listed address. Cheers!

    • John,

      On vacation at the moment. But once I get back I will give you a detailed response with some tips! Thanks for the compliments.

  3. Hey Drew,
    Really glad you got the KBS on tap. It’s good in the bottle but on tap it is very possibly the best beer I’ve ever had. Was good to get a tap take from you.

    • Yeah me too, I didn’t think they would make a lot of KBS available on tap anywhere outside of Grand Rapids, but glad VE got ahold of some. The flavors just seem more distinguished on tap.

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