Beer 189/365 – Dominion Oak Barrel Stout

Style: American Stout

ABV: 5.2%

Purchased at: Some place in Robinson PA.

What makes this beer different: Stout with vanilla and oak flavors, no gimmicks.

Will I be drinking this again: Hell yes

Grade: A-

5/16/2010: This beer was my very first stout that I liked; my gateway beer into the dark side if you will. I had this because of a recommendation by Mark Davis, former brew-master at Iron City, and current owner of The Bottleshop Cafe. I used to work at a restaurant right next to the cafe, and would stop in for a beer a couple nights a week after I got off my shift. Back then the place was small and had much better beer. Either way he introduced me to Oak Barrel Stout, and I have been a dark beer addict ever since.

I have a few 2007 bottles sitting around, and this stuff ages beautifully. This bottle is a 2010, and they may have changed the recipe just a bit. The smell is semi-oakey, and a good bit of chocolate. The flavors are straight foward, vanilla, some oak, and a bit of sweet chocolate. This beer is not overly complex which is what makes it great. Vanilla is also one of my favorite flavors which helps. Mouthfeel is a bit light for a stout, which makes it very drinkable. The flavors are a bit less dominant than I remember. Either I have blown out my palette with these big heavy stouts, or they have changed the recipe a bit. Still one of my favorite accessible beers around for sure.

Picture of the day: unemployed with a baby.

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  2. My cynical comment (in re: change in flavor) is that maybe you had it first when Dominion was still independent and AB is maximizing profits via ingredients, recipes, etc.? I was truly disappointed to see them get swallowed up and my experiences in the last couple of years (my company is based in DC area) have been a bit disappointing. Had this one in the airport and it was solid but not much more than that. Of course, the palate change could well be related too. Lots of things I remember loving and now underwhelm me.

    • Wait who bought dominion? I didn’t realize that they weren’t independent anymore. Have you had the Oak Barrel Stout with the old labeling? I’m assuming they got bought out and thats when all of their labels changed as well.

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