Beer 168/365 – Russian River Pliny the Elder

Style: Imperial IPA

ABV: 8.0%

Purchased at: Kevin from Colorado brought some back for me

What makes this beer different: Lighter Imperial IPA, lots of hop action without being too bitter

Will I be drinking this again: I have another one that I am waiting to crack open for a week or so, but yes

Grade: A

4/25/2010: So apparently Pliny the Elder is pretty readily available out west. Kevin brought me back a couple bottles. I am not a huge hop head but still wanted to try this beer because of all the hype behind it.

Wow, this stuff literally the room with hop aromas before I even poured it. I can’t imagine how strong smelling it would have been fresh. Pliny is no doubt about smack you in the face hops, again if it were fresh it would almost be too much for me. Not nearly as “sticky” as other DIPA’s I have had. I am by no means going to act like I can pick out the exact hop flavors, but they are intense and plentiful. From what I understand there are 5 different hops used to make this bad boy. Other than the 70/30 hop/malt balance I am getting, I get a little bit of lemon also. Overall the flavor is very very unique, and it is much more crisp than any other DIPA I have ever had, but I needed a tad bit less hop bitterness or a little more malt for me to give this an A+.

Picture of the day: 9 deadly words spoken by women.

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