Beer 147/365 – Atlantic Coal Porter

Style: American Porter

ABV: 6.5%

Purchased at: I honestly forget, but I think Jared sent this to me? amirite Jared?

What makes this beer different: Lots of flavor, and some charred action going on.

Will I be drinking this again: Its not readily available sooo probably not

Grade: B+

4/4/2010: Okay so I’m not going to lie, I thought I forgot to drink a beer on Sunday. I was freaking out on gchat asking the girlfriend if she could remember if I drank anything, and what it was. She is a bit more responsible than I am about those things haha. She mentioned that worst case scenario I drank a pint of Ballast Point Victory at Sea Porter a little after midnight at The Headkeeper. They are probably the most reasonably priced bar that has a good selection of craft beer in my area. Anyways turns out I drank Coal Porter late on Easter and forgot about it. I found my notes on it buried in my email, and the photo on my laptop. Maybe I need to stop drinking so much, or maybe I should start updating day after I drink the beer? haha. I would have been pretty pissed if I missed a day after going 146 beers deep into my journey.

So onto the beer. Smells of light chocolate and roasted malty goodness. It actually has a very rich taste for a medium bodied porter. Even amounts of chocolate and coffee flavor, and there is a bit of a “charred” taste i am getting. Charred but not quite burnt, but it gives this beer a uniqueness that I like. Very silky smooth mouthfeel which makes it very drinkable.

Picture of the day: Those New Yorkers are such rebels.

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