Beer 146/365 – Bell’s Two Hearted Ale

Style: American IPA

ABV: 7.1%

Purchased at: Vintage Estate – Boardman OH

What makes this beer different: Very crisp, great summer beer.

Will I be drinking this again: Absolutely

Grade: A

4/3/2010: I just recently bought an entire case of Aventinus ($96… yikes) for fishing next weekend, but after I check out I realized that I should have purchased some Two Hearted Ale! Just look at the label damnit! But seriously this is a great summertime beer, but I avoided buying an entire case since some people can be iffy about hoppy beers (as I used to be). Sidenote: Anyone notice Bell’s labels are always crooked on the bottle?

Two hearted ale is one of the strongest smelling IPA’s I have ever run across. Tons of floral/grapefruit hops, and some citrus. The taste is all about hops, but still some decent malt to fall back on. Grapefruit and lemon type flavors, with some pale malts in the background. This is the type of beer I would have HATED about 5-6 months ago, but I have learned to appreciate the bitter punch you get from an IPA. So far this might be my favorite IPA (but like a couple DIPAs better).

Picture of the day: Seth Mcfarland without a doubt has a formula for his cartoons.

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  1. It’s indeed a great IPA, although when I tried it I wouldn’t have guessed it was 7%.
    Nice stuff, as is the schneider aventinus weissen bock you have ready for your fishing trip! That is good stuff and a case should see you having sweet dreams – hopefully not at the bottom of a lake!

    • Oh yeah we will be careful with the aventinus. The best part is two of the guys are miller lite drinkers, so I can’t wait to see how they react to some “real” beer.

      Plus the 8.2% is sneaky in this beer for sure

  2. Two Hearted is indeed a fantastic beer. I’ve got 2 cases worth of homebrew Two Hearted that will be ready for bottling next week and I can’t wait to start downing them like it’s my job. Glad to see you enjoyed it so much.

  3. Well, this was going to be my beer for Friday night’s review. Guess I’ll just drink it to enjoy it. I like to review beers I know nothing about, but after reading your review I’m afraid I’ll have a baised opinion.

    • Cool blog Todd! The rate you are drinking beer is much more manageable than what I am doing.. Its a bit much haha.

      I agree I like to go into beer reviews blind and see if I can pick out certain flavors that others also get.

      • Well, it’s not the drinking that is the hard part to manage, I already do that daily :). The hard part is the actual sitting down to do the review, take the pic, post my notes, etc..

      • OK, so I just drank my Two Hearted Ale. Not the normal IPA I was expecting and goes great with grilled Lemon Pepper pork chops. I will definitely pick this up again.

        • mmm nice. I am usually not one for beer/food pairings but that sounds awesome. For some reason I just can’t drink beer while I am eating a meal.

  4. […] If it’s a beer that most bars/restaurants with craft beer will carry, I will usually go for a Bell’s Two Hearted Ale, or a Franziskaner. My favorite style of beer is definitely stouts, and I would say the best/most […]

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