Beer 133/365 – Victory Smokin Oats Porter

Style: Smoked Beer

ABV: 5.8%

Purchased at: Victory Brewing – Downingtown PA

What makes this beer different: Smokiest beer I have ever had

Will I be drinking this again: Probably not, only because you are only able to get it at the brewery.

Grade: B+

3/21/2010: Ughhhhh still hungover from beerfest yesterday. Lost count of how many 2-3oz samples I tried, but it was a lot. I usually don’t get hungover unless I start mixing styles back and forth, and I made that mistake. Should have started with pale ales and worked up to stouts. Anyways on our trip back we needed to find a place for me to have my beer a day, our first choice was Troegs in Harrisburg but they were closed on Sundays, so we looked around on the blackberry and found out that Victory was open.

Wow I am glad we ended up here because this place is AWESOME. Huge bar/restaurant in the weirdest location. It’s in a working class suburb, but within a corporate park type of setting. I want to say they had 20 of their beers on tap, and they had this crazy growler fill system that would fill a growler with any of their 20 beers. Didn’t get to ask the bartender the specifics of the contraption but it looked like it was from the 22nd century.

As always I like to try stuff at breweries that I normally could not get in a bottle, so I went for the Smokin Oats Porter (only one review on BA). The smell is smokey as hell with some coffee notes. Taste is meatlike smoke all over the place. Way too much for a first sip. About halfway down it mellowed out and some coffee started to lend support. If it tasted like this the entire way through I would have given it an A, or if I was eating a steak with the beer. Mouthfeel was average with moderate amounts of carbonation. Overall pretty decent but wish there wasn’t soooo much smoke flavor right off the bat.

Picture of the day: Jesus man change your shirt.

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