Beer 129/365 – Dark Horse Too Cream Stout

Style: Milk Stout

ABV: 8.0%

Purchased at: Siciliano’s Market – Grand Rapids MI

What makes this beer different: Strong for a Milk Stout but hides the ABV Extremely well.

Will I be drinking this again: If I can find it in the Pgh area

Grade: A-

3/17/2010: Its been a while since I have had a stout, so time to go back to my conmfort zone. This is the third of the “fore” series of stouts by Dark Horse that I am trying. The smoked and blueberry stouts were both great beers, so hoping this one is also.

Smell is a ton of roasted coffee, with some dark malt scent. Tons and tons of flavor for a beer with a low/mid mouthfeel. Coffee is top of the list, followed by a solid lactic (milk) sweetness, ending with a dry hop flavor. So much flavor, my brain keeps telling me this beer should be thicker but I think thats why its so good. I also had no clue this was an 8.0% ABV beer, I would have guessed no more than a 6. No sign of the alcohol at all. If you see this on the shelves grab a couple.

Picture of the day: ****NOT SAFE FOR WORK**** Also not a picture, if you guys haven’t read it yet, check out the texts that Tiger sent to one of his mistresses.

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  1. hey, I had the Unibroue Trois Pistoles earlier tonight. Man, that was tasty, hehe, so fruity. I liked it, unfortunately I sort of had to rush it, but I definitely enjoyed it.

    • Nice dude! what kind of glass did you pour it in?

      Unibroue makes some good beers. If you liked Trois you will love the others

      • Umm, the glass was a… sort of shortish, wide mouth Guinness pint glass, wider than the normal shape.

        I still haven’t tracked down a chalice, so I’m saving the Rochefort 8 until then.

  2. Dark Horse makes some nice beers. Right now I am enjoying the most recent releases – Double Crooked Tree IPA and Plead the 5th Imperial Stout.

    • Nice dude I dont think I get either of those down here. I will have to keep my eyes open for them. Are they both new?

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