Beer 124/365 – Shorts PB & J

Style: Fruit/Vegetable Beer

Purchased at: Given to me by loyal reader Andy from Detroit

What makes this beer different: Lots of sour fruit flavor

Will I be drinking this again: Hoping the other ones I have are not infected like this one 😦

Grade: B-

3/12/2010: I might have been more excited to try this beer over any other beer previous to this one in my 365 mission. Very hard to find so I was surprised that Andy was able to find this one for me. Especially since Short’s does not distribute out of Michigan (as far as I know). Thanks again Andy!

From what I understand Shorts PB&J is half Uber Goober, and half Soft Parade. I have tried both so knew somewhat what to expect. Unfortunately I am pretty sure this one is infected. The smell was spot on with PB&J… lots of strawberry/raspberry smell, with a little bit of peanut. A Lot of carbonation going on here.The taste was very very sour. A lot of strawberry/raspberry flavor, with no peanut hints to be found. Oddly enough the head itself tastes a good bit like peanut, but not the liquid. The reason I think this might be infected is it was rumored that many of the PB&J’s were, and secondly I had the Soft Parade and it was not nearly this sour. Once I was halfway finished with the beer, I added about a half shot of Castries Peanut Rum Creme to the mix. Now THIS is what I expected this beer to taste like. I urge anyone who has some Short’s PB&J that they think might be infected, to run out and grab some of this creme rum to add to it. I still have two bottles left so I am hoping one of those is “clean.”

Picture of the day: Not so much funny but very creepy…Hitler without a beard.

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  1. we interviewed the guys who founded Castries last year.. here’s the interview. Very cool guys. Great Product!

    • Thats awesome. I love castries.. It basically i sliquid peanut butter. We made reeses peanut butter cup martinis the one night and they were amazing

  2. Sorry about that, Drew. I had a feeling they might be bad. Have you tried the Mystery Stout? Here is a link to the Shorts website. They are bringing out The Magician this week—this is the first beer I get when I am Shorts brewpub–maybe my favorite.

    • Not your fault at all. Thanks again for the all the beer though I am pumped to try the KBS and Mystery Stout. I might let the Mystery Stouts age a bit.

  3. Drew,

    I think you’re right. The first one of these I had (and second and third) were really great. The last one, just the other day, was definitely not right. Plus a guy at the bar told me he heard that there were problems with PB&J and Uber (uhoh, have one of those left) and that they were going bad. Hope you get to try a good one, it’s definitely worth it. Best name to taste experience I’ve ever had. Also glad you got a KBS. Truly a classic.

    • I do have two more that Andy brought along for me so hopefully those ones pan out. Seems like a lot of Shorts beer was infect. Wonder if he just isn’t thorough with cleaning?

  4. Ah, and I just had the Magician for the first time. Really good and really different.

    • Do they bottle it? I will have to keep an eye out.

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