Beer 122/365 – Terrapin Oak Aged Wake-n-Bake

Style: Imperial Stout

Purchased at: On Tap @Smokin Joes – Pittsburgh PA

What makes this beer different: So much coffee its almost like chewing on an espresso bean

Will I be drinking this again: I sure hope to. Not sure if this will be a one time thing

Grade: A+

3/10/2010: I know I have been throwing out A and A+’s lately like its going out of style, but I have been going out of my way to drink great beer. Had this one at Smokin Joes in the South Side. They have been been getting a lot of good beer on tap lately. Founders Sappy Slappy Bastard, Bells 9000, and the Oak Aged Wake-n-Bake. I actually tried a sample of this on Monday night when I met up with Andy, I liked it so much I had to come back for an entire pint.

Wake-n-Bake has by far the strongest coffee scent of any beer I have had prior to this one. A little bit of an oak scent struggles through the pot of coffee smell. The taste is just amazing. So much coffee you almost feel like you have coffee grinds in your teeth. Coffee is no doubt center stage, but you can tell some oatmeal was used in this because it is super smooth. A bit of vanilla peeks out, and a tiny bit of oak in the aftertaste. To be quite honest if I didn’t know it was Oak Aged I would have had a hard time picking it out. This might have just moved up to #2 on my coffee stout list right behind Alesmith Speedway Stout. Do yourself a favor, if you see this on tap grab one.

Picture of the day: Lady Gaga makes a better door than a window.

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  1. Jealous…

  2. Wow, Oaked aged Wake n’ Bake. I’m jealous too!!!

    Now with your sting of A+ and A beers, well life is to short not to drink A+ or A rated beers, so keep it up.

    Looking forward to seeing the next A rated beer.

    • Thanks for the comment Mike! Be sure to grab a pint if you see this anywhere in FL

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