Beer 120/365 – Founder’s Sappy Slappy Bastard

Style: Scotch Ale / Wee Heavy

Purchased at: Smokin Joe’s – Pittsburgh PA

What makes this beer different: So strong but the maple balances it out PERFECTLY

Will I be drinking this again: I hope to God they brew this again.

Grade: A+

3/8/2010: Big thanks to one of my readers Andy and his wife for buying me a couple rounds on a Monday night. They hail from Detroit and were spending a couple nights in Pittsburgh before heading out to The Barnes Foundation in Philly. They also picked me up 4 Short’s PB&J’s, 2 Short’s Mystery Stouts, and a Kentucky Breakfast Stout from 09. They wouldn’t let me pay them for any of the beer mentioned above. So again, thanks so much to Andy and his wife. You guys will be getting a nice little surprise beer in the mail when you get back home.

I honestly never even heard of this beer, but Andy went on to tell me its basically Backwoods Bastard that is aged in maple barrels (he had one also). I am always down for trying any beer that has maple in it. The smell is pretty straight forward, bourbon with maple. The taste is freaking amazing. The bourbon hits you first, and smoothly transitions into a strong maple flavor, and finishes with a touch of oak and vanilla. This is the most maple flavor I have ever tasted in a beer, but it works because there was a lot of bourbon in it to balance out. Maple is the perfect addition to the backwoods bastard, because I found the bourbon a little strong for me. Mouthfeel is syrupy but creamy in a way. Its been awhile since I had an A+ beer but this one no doubt deserves it. If you are lucky enough to see this on tap at a local bar.. GET IT!

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