Beer 116/365 – Duvel

Style: Belgian Strong Pale Ale

Purchased at: Gary and Guy @ stillcrazyafterallthesebeers

What makes this beer different: Black Pepper and lemons, so smooth.

Will I be drinking this again: Oh Yes

Grade: A

3/4/2010: Its been years since I have had this beer. Thanks again to Gary and Guy from for sending this to me.

So much foamy head on this monster. I had to pour it three separate times to get it to look like it did in the picture. It was almost like a science experiment. Smells peppery and lemony. Kind of hard to describe the taste but trust me, its VERY good. I get some lemon, pepper, and a bit “yeasty”. A very smooth drink, and the carbonation is just PERFECT. So smooth for a 8.5% beer. No matter what your favorite style of beer is, you will like this one.

Picture of the day: Do these glasses make me look like an asshole?

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  1. I have this in my collection to sample soon….probably do an all Belgium week or something. It comes in such a different bottle here. Ours is close to a stubby style. Great review.

  2. I have tried to enjoy Duvel a number of times, but cannot get past the massive amount of carbonation.

  3. Like the website; we’re doing much of the same thing, although you are a much much much better photographer than we are, to say the least. Drop by and say hi.


    • Thanks Tom! I will give your site a look here shortly

  4. This is actually Gary’s “Island Beer.” As if, he was trapped on an island and could only have one beer this is what he would choose. It’s one of my favorites as well. It’s interesting to see how your tastes have transitioned like mine did a few years ago. Cheers.

  5. I actually, just tried one of these last Friday, I was shocked by the amount of head. Was a great beer.

    • Whoa look at stoops with a blog also haha.. very nice dude.

  6. This beer is now illegal in Philly. Just Sayin…..

  7. basically….

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