Beer 116/365 – Duvel

Style: Belgian Strong Pale Ale

Purchased at: Gary and Guy @ stillcrazyafterallthesebeers

What makes this beer different: Black Pepper and lemons, so smooth.

Will I be drinking this again: Oh Yes

Grade: A

3/4/2010: Its been years since I have had this beer. Thanks again to Gary and Guy from for sending this to me.

So much foamy head on this monster. I had to pour it three separate times to get it to look like it did in the picture. It was almost like a science experiment. Smells peppery and lemony. Kind of hard to describe the taste but trust me, its VERY good. I get some lemon, pepper, and a bit “yeasty”. A very smooth drink, and the carbonation is just PERFECT. So smooth for a 8.5% beer. No matter what your favorite style of beer is, you will like this one.

Picture of the day: Do these glasses make me look like an asshole?

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