Beer 114/365 – New Glarus Black Wheat

Style: Dunkelweizen

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What makes this beer different: Smoke/chocolate flavor in a wheat beer

Will I be drinking this again: Its not brewed any more but I would yes.

Grade: A-

3/2/2010: This beer is one of many sent to me on the house by Guy and Gary Montessero over at Still Crazy After All These Beers. I have been dying to drink some of the beers they sent me but wanted to finish off redesigning their site first. The make a kick-ass weekly show on.. you guessed it; beer. They cover beer shows, interview brewmasters, and give their thoughts on beer in general. Go check their show out, it will be worth your time.

So about the New Glarus Black Wheat. Has the typical wheat beer smell, with a bit of a sour note similar to a wild ale smell. Taste is crazy complex. First thing I get is smoke flavor, some sour (from the yeast), and a tiny hit of cherry and chocolate at the end. Crazy combination of flavors but it works. Its almost like a wheat beer and a porter had a love child. Very very original flavor. Mouthfeel is a bit heavy for a dunkelweizen, but its really good. This one was a borderline A. If you can get your hands one it, give it a try.

Picture of the day: Is the rest of the universe even trying anymore?

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Will be changing the site around a bit.

For the next couple days I am making some visual changes to the site. I plan on making the site wider for bigger beer pictures, and changing out the header/background images. So if you notice something looks out of place or broken, don’t worry! Stay tuned…

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