Beer 105/365 – Aventinus

Style: Weizenbock

Purchased at: Vintage Estate – Boardman Ohio

What makes this beer different: Plum meets wheat

Will I be drinking this again: Oh yes

Grade: A

2/21/2010: Yet another variation of a style non beer-geek people call “wheat beer.” So for non-beer geek people lets check the definition on BA… A more powerful Dunkel Weizen (of “bock strength”), with a pronounced estery alcohol character, perhaps some spiciness from this, and bolder and more complex malt characters of dark fruits. Hmmm interesting. I would say that is pretty accurate to describe Aventinus.

Aventinus is a lot darker than your typical wheat beer as you can see. Smell is mostly cloves, and a light malt scent. Taste is incredible. Cloves, Plums, and brown sugar. Beer is real complex and has just a tiny sour note that makes you want to keep drinking it. I almost wonder if they used a belgian style yeast in this because at times the mouthfeel felt like a belgian dark when I wasn’t paying attention to what I was drinking. I’m sure the plum flavor adds to that. Aventinus is dangerously drinkable for an 8.2% beer. If I had an endless supply of money this would no doubt be my tailgating beer of choice for steeler games. If you haven’t tried this beer yet, you need to regardless of your favorite style.

Picture of the day: Don’t you just hate golfing sometimes?

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  1. One of my fav German beers. Great review

  2. One of my favorites, as well. Now try Victory’s Moonglow, which compares favorably in my opinion.

    • I will have to see if I can find it. Was it a limited release?

      • It’s seasonal, but it’s still around in my local stores here.

        • Drew, great blog, I love reading your beer reviews and your photos of the beer are so good it makes me want to drink them even more! Victory Moonglow is one of my favorite beers, so I am intrigued by this Aventinus. I’ve been trying to find it here in the Pittsburgh area, but no luck yet. Of course I have yet to check the better beer establishments like D’s or Bocktown, so I haven’t given up. Anyone know of a place around here that has it?

          • Thanks Dave!

            I actually bought a case and have a few left over, want to trade a moonglow for an Aventinus? Aventinus is $4 a bottle, not sure what whirlwind goes for.

      • Also, Victory Moonglow is usually available around October-November I think. Pretty easy to get in the PGH area. I still have some leftover from the case I bought this past season, and two seasons ago I had a sixtel of it in my kegerator.

  3. Love this beer!!!

  4. […] be honest and say I have no idea why the weizenbock style varies so much in color. I am used to Aventinus and Victory Moonglow that are a much darker color than Vitus. The nose is kind of boozy, banana, […]

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