100 beers down, 265+ to go!

So 100 beers in, almost a third of the way through my journey. So far this has been an amazing experience. I came up with this idea on a whim because honestly, I get bored with hobbies very easily. I have always been into trying new beer, but never took it as seriously as I do now even though I still consider myself an amateur beer drinker on the grand scale of things. Believe it or not my life has changed greatly since making this website.

Since starting this site I have been sampling some world class beer, getting deals to redesign beer related websites, pushing my personal beer style limits, gained almost 10lbs, and am meeting some very cool people along the way. It really amazes me how gracious and friendly “beer nerds” are. Whether its Phill the owner of Vintage Estate sharing his last Surly Furious he got from a friend in MN with me, Mike/Ruth sending me a Westy 12, Jared sending me one of his last Imperial Stout Troopers, or Roscoe helping guide me through my Michigan Brewery tour, it has all amazed me. I have had people send me free beer from all corners of the country to review, and I even have Dan sending me some craft beer from Japan. I am averaging almost 200 hits a day now and never expected to get more than 20 a day.

As many of you would agree trying new beer is fun, but sharing your experience with other beer lovers is really what its all about. Not to get all mushy but seriously thanks so much for reading, and please continue commenting on my posts as it gives me motivation to keep this site running. Besides it would be boring for me to update this website without anyone reading. On that note if you are in driving distance of Boardman, Ohio, you should come out and have a beer with me at The Big Tap In on April 24th. Just go to the site (that I designed wooo) and check out the list of breweries attending, and that should be enough convincing. It is all for a good cause too. Sidenote: I would also like to thank my girlfriend Cara for being supportive through all of this, and even starting to like almost as many beers as I do! Not often you find a chick who likes good beer.

So now go ahead and crack open a beer and let me know what it is, and how it is! Cheers!

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  1. Hey man, congrats on #100, that’s awesome.

    Thanks a lot for doing this site, it’s definitely inspired me to get more interested in beer, keep up the great work.

    I went to that beer shop with my friend, I ended up picking up the Trappistes Rochefort 8, the Youngs Double Chocolate, the Sierra Nevada Pale Ale, one called Trois Pistoles, an Australian one called Wicked Elf Pilsner and an Australian honey wheat beer called Bee Sting.

    I’ll get through them over the next few weeks and let you know what I think of each of them. Thanks a lot for the advice.

    • Thanks for reading man, I am glad I can help expand your beer horizons haha.

      Nice dude! good choices. Never heard of that Honey wheat but it sounds good. Remember the Rochefort 8 is a sipping beer, not a “swig” beer. You kind of want to drink it similar to how you would drink a wine.

      Let me know what you think of them.

  2. You are doing a great job so congrats on the site’s success! I can also personally attest to the enjoyment that comes from expressing your interest in good beer online with your own site. Though mine doesn’t get the # of hits that your site generates, it is nice to know at least some people out there are paying attention.

    I don’t suppose you’ll be up in Boston this weekend for the Extreme Beer Fest? I’ll be there for Session II and cannot wait to try many of the rare offerings available, and get a chance to meet with and learn from some industry leaders…

    • Thanks man! I just found your new blog (your old one is still associated to your user name on here). Good stuff.

      I wish I could make it to Boston this weekend but I took a trip to DC feb 7th, will be going to the AC beer show march 20th, and the big tap in april 24th.. So Unfortunately throwing Boston into the mix would have been a bit too much.

      • Oh crap- thanks for the heads up on that, I didn’t realize my user name was linking to that old blog still…

        Well even though you aren’t making it to the EBF, sounds like you have some other awesome upcoming plans to enjoy great beer, so have fun!

  3. Keep it up, Drew! I have tried many new beers and want to try more through your reviews. Sorry about Cara liking more beers–you will have to double the beer budget!

    • haha that is a very legit point about Cara! We actually just went to vintage estate last night and she paid for all the bombers that we will end up sharing, so that was pretty sweet.

      What part of the country are you from? Just curious as to which beers I post about that you have access to.

      • I live in the Detroit area. Obviously I can get all Michigan beers but limited east and west coast stuff.

  4. Hey Drew – I just stopped by the website for the Big Tap In…looks great! One thing I noticed though is that the yellow text on the ‘Breweries’ page is hard to read and hard on the eyes. I’m not sure if the customer wanted it like that or if you have the freedom to change it, but I thought I’d mention it. Your blog readers get a free VIP upgrade on their ticket purchases, right? lol.

    • Thanks for the heads up Ben. I might make that yellow a bit darker. Haha if I had the power to upgrade 365beers readers to VIP I for sure would. Are you going to the show?

      • I’d like to, but it’s a hike from Baltimore (and I would need the wife to sign my permission slip, lol).

        I can’t find your email address anywhere on here (am I blind?) or I would have emailed this to you privately. Feel free to delete after reading. Double check the location and state outline for Sam Adams and the location for Weyerbacher. Looks like you were burning the midnight oil on this project.

        • No worries about the email thats fine. Yes this project was a huge rush but I still think it turned out decent. Good call on Weyerbacher, but actually The Sam Adams is correct, they have a production facility in Eastern PA and wanted that listed as their location. Odd I know hah

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