Beer 98/365 – Franziskaner Hefe-Weisse

Style: Hefeweizen

Purchased at: Vintage Estate – Boardman OH

What makes this beer different: Not much, but its awesome

Will I be drinking this again: Oh yes, have had many in the past and will have many in the future.

Grade: A

2/14/2010: So I know its Valentine’s Day and I am supposed to be drinking “Two Hearted Ale” or something red, but this beer has been a favorite of mine for years. So why not drink it today? I have a Two Hearted sitting around but I am letting it age a bit.

So I am assuming most people reading this have had a Franzy as it is fairly popular, but if you haven’t you need to try it. My roommate buys about a case per month he loves it so much. Smell and taste are full of lemon and clove, with a tiny banana kick in the background. Overall its a bit sweeter than your typical hefe. Mouthfeel is also a bit thicker than most hefe’s. It is dangerously drinkable. Without a doubt one of my all time favorite session beers. Also a great gateway beer to introduce to that friend of yours that only drinks Miller Lite.

Funny Picture of the day: Oh man is this not the truth. Can women talk or what?.

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  1. What are your hefeweizen power rankings? I think I have Fransizkaner No. 1, Weihenstaphaner No. 2, Pyramid No. 3 … have to consider some other options beyond those.

    • Personally I would switch your #1 and #2… although franzy is not a distant second. Third I would put Hacker Pschorr Sternweisse. Sierra Nevada Kellerweis was pretty good as well.

  2. […] bars/restaurants with craft beer will carry, I will usually go for a Bell’s Two Hearted Ale, or a Franziskaner. My favorite style of beer is definitely stouts, and I would say the best/most readily available in […]

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