Captured all 4 Aged Yeti’s… Now what?

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Any stout lover surely has tried the regular Great Divide Yeti as I have, but I have not yet tried ANY of the Barrel Aged Yeti’s. I managed to somehow round up all four of these supposed mythical Sasquatch beers. Had to travel to places way outside of Pennsylvania to find these beasts. Now the question is, how to drink them? Obviously I can’t drink all of these myself in one night, but would you do all 4 in one night with a few friends? One a night for four nights? If so in what order? Try the regular yeti first then move on up? What would you do if you had all four? Give me some feedback in the comments below people!

Sidenote, Does anyone know what the 2005 vs 2009 label looks like for the chocolate yeti? Jared from BA bought this for me and told me the guy at the store claimed it was an 05, but the 5 can kind of looks like a 9 to me.. What do you think?

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  1. I had a great experience with something similar. A good friend of mine had a vertical tasting of Yeti, Oak Aged, Espresso Oak, and Chocolate. It worked out that we each had enough from each bottle to have two rounds to sample. Really great event to have with a really close beer loving friend or two.

    I would absolutely start with the regular yeti and then move up. We started with the yeti, then oak aged, then chocolate and ended with espresso. Very interesting to see the flavor profiles become more complex as we did. Btw, where on earth did you find the barrel aged Yeti? I’ve been searching all over for this past year’s release and came to the conclusion it must not exist in PA.

    As for the date, I would venture to guess that that is a 2009 bottle. Have fun!

    • Nice thanks for the feedback Keith. My buddy Kevin lives right down the street from the Great Divide taproom. There were only 1104 made and I guess the guy who runs the taproom said they aren’t going to be distributed very far outside of Colorado.

      Kevin picked up a bunch to age. They aren’t cheap either at $25 a pop. I will probably let it age for at least another 6 months. Have you tried it at all before?

      • I have not tried the Barrel Aged Yeti at all. I knew that they were kept pretty close to the brewery so I didn’t expect to see many come out this way (although I know a few made it).

  2. I hope someone can explain the ’05/09 predicament. The enhanced blow up is a good start, thanks Drew.

    • Looks like they did not make it back then, that 2008 was the first year they made it.

  3. I don’t think they had the Chocolate Oak Aged Yeti in ’05

  4. Another comment on the “’05”. Great Divide completed revamped their Yeti labels last year and that is one of the new labels. The old one looks nothing like that, so it’s definitely ’09.

  5. Oh, and I couldn’t be more jealous that you came into one of the whiskey barrel aged bottles. Awesome.

  6. I had the barrel aged version this past Saturday and can tell you that it is drinking VERY nicely right now!
    If you are looking to do a vertical, i would agree that the logical order is Original->Oak->Barrel->Chocolate->Espresso. Maybe even consider moving the barrel version to 2nd so that you can fully appreciate it before the palette starts to get overloaded?

    • Nice thanks for the advice Chuck. I might just split them up into two days… Do original > oak > barrel one day and original > espresso > chocolate the next.

  7. I’ve tried all except the Barrel-Aged, but always come back to the original. Just like the taste better than the others…And the feedback above is correct- GD revamped all of their labels last year and thats definitely the new one. Still- Enjoy!

  8. I agree with Scott, This is a newer label, plus according the their website this is the newest incarnation of their revered imperial stout . I could be wrong but their older labels had a picture of a mountain range in the back round.

    Anyway, it looks like you have a couple of great brews ahead of you to drink. Looking forward to see how chocolaty the chocolate oak aged imperial stout is.


    • Thanks Mike! Not sure if Ruth has been relaying the message but I am going to get started on your site very very soon!

  9. […] Earlier in the year I rounded up all four of the Aged Yeti’s, and this was the last of the oak aged series that I have yet to try. Chocolate and Oak were both […]

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