Update coming later today

Sorry for the lack of updates. If you haven’t heard Pittsburgh got pounded with almost 2 feet of snow, and my dumb ass decided it was still a good idea to drive to DC this weekend. I had tickets for the Pens/Caps game and didn’t want to miss it. Surprisingly the roads weren’t terrible, but the result of the game was. Argh, damn you Ovechkin!

Anyways I still had a beer everyday, just a bit behind on updating. Check back later today.

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  1. hehe, looking forward to it. I’ll check it out in the morning.

  2. That loss was horrible. The Caps are turning into a serious thorn in the side of the Pens.

    • yeah they are no joke… i hate to say it but this might be their year. Although their lack of goalkeeping might catch up with them

  3. Cool blog, I enjoyed going through it.

    • Thanks! How did you find my site if you dont me asking?

  4. That’s why I live in S. Florida.

    We’ve had a cold winter too. It’s been gets into the 50’s on our bad days, but no snow. Very good weather to drink a beer & still be able to post to your blog in the same day 🙂

    Maybe I shouldn’t rub it in. I’ve been thru a few hurricanes in my days here leaving me without power for 7- 10 days, so I feel your pain.

    Hope you at least have gas for you snow blower.


    PS. Snowy days are great for drinking a RIS or a Barleywine IMHO

    • Yes RIS is my beer of choice in the cold weather no question.

      I actually don’t have a snow blower so I spent 2 hours digging my car out haha.

  5. Hey, my friend is taking me to a proper beer shop at some point, called Cloudwine. Do you have any recommendations? I had a look and I recognised that Double Chocolate one you had a while back, plus I saw a lot of Rogue’s stuff, they have an online catalogue, not sure how much of it will be in store.

    My friend will have some recommendations anyway, but yeah.

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