Beer 91/365 – Founder’s Double Trouble

Style: Imperial IPA

Purchased at: Regional Food and Drink – Washington DC

What makes this beer different: One of the hoppiest beers I have had yet.

Will I be drinking this again: Probably not

Grade: B

2/07/2010: We went to Regional Food and Beverage before the Pens/Caps game Sunday, and we literally saw people with cross country skis on hoofing around the city. First time I have ever witnessed skiing inside a city in my life. Anyways back to the bar. Very cool place with a ton of beer on tap. They had Brooklyn Cookie Jar Porter listed as one of their beers on tap so I was pretty pumped to try that, but of course we order it and she comes back telling us they just ran out earlier that morning. Argh.

So lately I have actually been enjoying imperial IPA’s, but Double Trouble was a little too intense for me at 86IBU. The smell was flowery, and some tropical fruit. The taste was all hops, and not a lot of malt to balance it out. I can take a ton of hops but for me it needs a malt backbone to stand on. Moutheel was thick and sappy, and almost had a weird resin ganja like feel to it (odd I know but thats the only way I can describe it). Props for hiding the 9.4% ABV, but overall just too much hop smacking you in the mouth for my tastes.

Funny Picture of the day: Those vegans take the fun out of everything.

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Update coming later today

Sorry for the lack of updates. If you haven’t heard Pittsburgh got pounded with almost 2 feet of snow, and my dumb ass decided it was still a good idea to drive to DC this weekend. I had tickets for the Pens/Caps game and didn’t want to miss it. Surprisingly the roads weren’t terrible, but the result of the game was. Argh, damn you Ovechkin!

Anyways I still had a beer everyday, just a bit behind on updating. Check back later today.

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